Saturday, September 11, 2010


I have a hole in the drywall next to my bed.

There's a drool/lick spot on my pillow.

A particular corner in the living room carpet is damp.

My dog has OCD. Go figure.

The latest eddition of Whole Dog Journal arrived at my doorstep this week. Well maybe last week and I just got around to reading it. The whole family is in attendance as we are watching Wipe Out. Great family activity, isn't it? Anyway, I start reading then stop. Then I start back at the beginning, reading it outloud. I think everyone in the room had the same light bulb go on at the exact same time, all swiviling our heads to look at a certain dog all at the same time. Fred.

Yes Fred has OCD. I have a lick spot in the drywall next to my bed where he sleeps at night. Kim will attest to rolling over in the middle of the night into a wet spot on the pillow where he's been laying and licking. Every night after dinner, he finds a corner in the living room and licks the carpet.

Reading further in to the article we all come to the conclusion that since he officially "retired" and changed his name to Farmer Fred that maybe that's where it started. A lack of, what, stress? Heehee, Fred hated to travel to the shows. Shook on the grooming table. Was ring sour. Really would rather be home then at the shows. So upon retirement he pretty much gets to do what he wants. Treks to the creek, horses to bark at, ducks to pester. Keeping the youngsters in line. You know, the grandpa life for him.

Suggested in the article where the following items....

Develop a routine. Got that. Everyone in my house is pattern trained and has an internal clock. If I'm late they let me know. They know where they go, where to eat, when to go out, etc.

Exercise. Seriously, have you not seen my yard? Agility equipment, birds, stock to bark at, GSD to chase and loads of running goes on.

Stimulation. He's got the world's record for emptying the Buster Cube. Hoarder of the treat filled Kongs. He's got big dogs, little dogs, running kids and what not to keep him occupied.

So what now?

We tried adding a nightly walk down the road. That went over oh so well. See my dogs are trained about certain things. First off the world drops off at the end of the driveway. David got to the cross roads with him and he went-um, can we go home now? I think I see oblivion. That really isn't going to work.

So he's coming out of retirement. We figured that he started this when he asked to stay home from the shows. I have no intent on attempting to get his GRCH. He's old, come on. But there is a kid that could always use another juniors dog. The Ms will have fun with a ring sour, old man, who helps himself off the table when the exam is done, fancies the ladies and gives the " I'm hear, what more do you want" look most of the time.

My dog has OCD, go figure.

Later gators...

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Sherilyn said...

LOL Bekka thought it was funny when Alec told her that Fred is just like her...OCD! Of course, she doesn't lick the wall, pillow or carpet, so that's where the resemblance fades. hehe Will be good to see the old man come back out! Of course, he will just LOVE his bath, won't he? ;)