Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dirty Dozen update

Sorry that I haven't been really good about photos. Please check out the website for some week 2 head shots.

You just can't get good shots with 12 nor the fact that every time you touch them they think FOOD! The drawback to bottle feeding.

Good news is that almost all of them have their eyes open, are up on their toes and motoring around well. We've actually stopped supplementing all but two and then only about once a day. They are really starting to look like puppies and not rats.

Abbey got her sutures out today. Doc said she looks awesome. Doc Meier's called Doc and asked if all 12 made it. She laughed and said, yes and looking very nice too. Something about being bottle feed around the clock and spoiled. When they get old enough, we'll take them in Doc Meier's clinic for a photo op.

Visitors start coming next weekend. It's going to be busy around here. I've got loads of kids lined up to come and play over the next two months, people interested in what a cardigan is and of course, prospect families. This guys will be bored the rest of the time.

Here's a shot for the time being. All fat and sleepy. Seems mom does not like my idea of blankets in the pool, she prefers the plain plastic bottom. Some of the kids do too. And yes, some where in there are 12, I swear!

Later gators....

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