Saturday, August 21, 2010

The mail man cometh!

Just in the nick of time, a special package arrived from up north to make Abbey's day. Thanks go out to Dawn and the Daybreake crew for their Paw It Forward Package.

See Abbey's not having a great last week or so. She's SOOOO big that we had to put her on crate rest. Bottoming out on the one step to the outside and looking totally horrible. Now many would wonder, how many times did we breed this girl? I swear twice only. And we thought the first one was too early. Large litters are in the lines so I guess we just wait and see.

The package contained goodies-beef tendons, chicken jerky, treats and toys. Abbey got first dibs and it cheered her up wonderfully.

So here's the deal---I'll send out two packages to Paw It Forward, but the catch is this.....tell me how many puppies you think she's going to have! Xray's are on Tuesday afternoon--if she can last that long, so we'll go off Doc's count for the first package-person closest to the xray. 2nd package will be to the person closest on the live count after she whelps, which could be any time after Wednesday.

I'm having some Blogger posting issues on the computers at home and else where, so it might be a few days for the results plus I have a couple neat things to pick up at the Dog Show in 2 weeks that I think everyone will love to get.

So, whatcha think??????

Puppy watch, four days and counting!

Later gators.....


Kodi said...

Kodi and Emma are guessing 9.

Frogmorest said...

Bella, Trinity and Joey the rough Collies are guessing 10.

Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Ruffles says he guesses 10 too but will go 11.

Scott said...

Caleb/Tasha are guessing 8 wiggly puppies.