Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hidden gems

I turned off the central air yesterday. Opened up the house and threw a blanket on the bed just in case. It was amazing! Light breeze flapping the curtains and I had to use that blanket!

Yes seems hot summer weather has gone somewhere else for the time being. I suspect some of it will return but hey for now, I gotta find a pair of socks! The dogs are going bonkers--outside time and it couldn't happen soon enough for me. Tired dogs are good dogs. Though Abbey is tired anyway, she's lugging around a few, okay a lot of extra pounds and keeps looking at me and asking why her? And I fear that the next time she sees Annie, Connie and Russ, she's going to have a thing or two to say to them!

Lazy weekend really. Run errands. No wait, attempt to run errands. I had to go and do some business at the kennel club's bank in a near by town. Oops, forgot, Fun Days and I almost ended up in the parade. Then once I got to the bank, closed for Fun Days. So Moose and I ended up with a nice drive instead.

I love little towns. Each has their own unique take on life. Central City is starting to rebuild it's downtown. We visit the "village" about once a week for groceries at the little store, maybe an ice cream at the little shop just off main or a trip to the park. Springville, where my mother grew up has the American Legion where my grandfather took us for their annual pancake breakfast. Everyone knows who you are. The Ms does riding lessons at their stable and the quarry is there. Alburnett has the best broasted chicken at Mahoney's.

But currently Mt Vernon is one of our favorite haunts. We do the Lincoln Highway Antiques. The Ms loves the Silver Spider. Then there's wonderful sweets at the Tea Room. The lost treasure that still remains in this little burg is it's one screen, 100 seat movie theater.

The Bijou is awesome. It's run by a family who knows most everyone by name. Tickets are $5 and they run good movies, maybe a month or two after they were released, but hey, I'm more then willing to wait and get a bargin. They practice recycling--bring your own cup(with a lid) or popcorn bucket and it's 1/2 price. Even without your own, it's still darn cheap! Oh and refills 1/2 off too.

The Ms and I went to see the 3rd Twilight movie, Eclipse a week ago. Movies usually only run for a week-Friday through the following Thursday. $10 for our tickets. Candy, big popcorn and soda for $5.50! They have drawings based on the number of people in the crowd-free med popcorn and soda, movie poster, etc. Few news related times-next set of movies, current status of local events, etc.

So Saturday we loaded up the tahoe-Dad, Mom, kid #1, kid #2 and off to the movies we went. For $26.00 four tickets, large soda and popcorn and candy. Tell me that isn't just the best bargin around. We saw Despicalble Me. Very funny and well worth it. Not sure if we will go see Inception next week but Eat Pray Love will be there in 3 weeks and I plan on going.

So tonight? I'm thinking it's to bed early to enjoy the cool breeze, watch the 1/2 moon make it's rounds and listen to the crickets. Love this weather!!!

Later gators.....


Sharrie said...

I had to open all the windows before we went to church this morning. It is just glorious. It seems like I missed most of the summer staying inside with the AC. Your movie deal is awesome. Our small towns are a little too small, and the next size up is "big box".

Monica said...

We are finally getting relief from the humidity - today and tomorrow should be nice! It makes one feel like getting things done again! We don't run A/C - too costly this year. Fans are our weapon of choice!