Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Final results are in

They survived with out me. It only sprinkled and she came home happy and eager for the challenge to do better. As she put it to Dad, " you need to push me from now on!".

There were a few parents that were upset about the way the show was judged. Of course we were a little disappointed about the whole halter thing but as a draft owner, you just come to expect some of that. What was upsetting to many was that the judge gave out white ribbons.

For those of you having not been in 4-H or FFA, at least at our county level, everyone gets a ribbon. You get premiums paid back once your record book is turned in. Each ribbon, based on color-blue, red or white, is worth a certain amount.

There's been some serious discussion this year about the amount of time and effort that the kids are putting into their project. I know parents work, I know the committee's demand a lot of participation in clinics, but like The Ms said, "push me!" Horses are dangerous animals, nothing to take lightly. Many of the these kids have no clue and are a danger to themselves and others. Some of these kids also come from families that have done this forever-I even showed with some of them. But unless the kid puts in the effort, wants to improve and is willing to learn, well it shows at fair and if the judge thinks they need a white ribbon, then maybe it's a wake up call that they seriously need to do better.

The Ms got white ribbons. She didn't care, she know that she wasn't up to par this year with a new horse, lack of riding time on him and his first year at fair. But she was darn happy that he did as well as he did, she knows what she needs to work on and she's willing to be "pushed" to do better.

So the results. We know the halter results-first in Draft. Riding classes: Lynn Dunn Memorial Walk-Trot--6th in her group. Such a big class that they split it. Trail-disaster-again, having not really worked with him, she thought he did great but refused the bridge, had issues with the back through and thought the rain coat would eat him. Let's just say Torey has his moments and after having one, he went, Oh, no biggy. She is ready to work with him on this stuff. The big one for the day was Horsemanship. I've never worked with her on this nor patterns. Can you say natural? She got 5th in the class!! And for a horse that she's only done walk trot with, they both worked through the pattern and did well.

Now, she's got the bug. Between dog shows, now it's up to the fair grounds on off Sundays for the Saddle Club shows.

And time for a break. Or not--Corgi Picnic at our place this weekend. Then Kennel Club BBQ next week. Then dog show, then then then-----back to school!!!!!!!

Later gators....

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