Tuesday, July 20, 2010

false alarm


Smoke Alarm goes off.

One room only.

David and I jump up, start investigating.

False alarm, sort of.

The house is wired with a smoke alarm system that will sound in the room that it detects the issue, then sound the entire system. I shut off the central air last night, threw open a window and put a fan in the window. It was wonderful sleeping weather. Until 3:00am. Seems someone had a campfire, trash fire or something and it was still smoldering late into the night. The fan drew in the smoke, set off the alarm in our bedroom.

This system also goes off when it's very dusty, very humid or a spider makes it's web over the sensor.

I could not fall back to that wonderful open window sleep. I need a nap.

Later gatozzzzzzzzzzzzzzz................

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