Monday, June 21, 2010

more quackers

So how to you sort, cage and transport all the ducks for this year's shows? Very quickly, plan to get dirty and make sure you have extra hands for the blood testing.

We loaded up the ducks on Saturday to head over to Jones Cty for pullorum testing. Our county does their's next weekend and we can't attend, so it's nice when the neighboring counties pull together to offer mulitple testing dates. Also handy that one of the area certified testers is our county's committee chair. And also good that she brings her kids along as they can then help hold ducks.

We ended up testing 19 ducks. And we did leave some at home. Of course I only buy from pullorum free herds so I know mine should be clear but the state requires we test each year. The runners are looking awesome, hoping to have a couple fledged full by fair but otherwise, they will go to state fair this year. The ancona hens are really in bad condition, as in the drakes have ravaged the feathers on their heads. The cayugas are still molting but their color is pretty. Ancona drakes, oh there's two super nice ones in the bunch, high hopes for them if the owl can be kept at bay. Then there's the pekins. Yes they are for sale, anyone want some semi tame pekins? Not show ducks, will be heading to the petting zoo again this year.

So with blood stained hands, tested ducks, and an unhappy Moose-he came along for the ride but had to hang in the truck, we headed home. Can't wait to do this again in a few weeks as she heads to the first of the summer's shows.

Later gators...

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