Sunday, May 9, 2010


I think my headache is from driving against the wind all day yesterday to Decorah. Wow, it was like living in a hurricane for the last few days. But today, ah, God smiled on us and I know it was just to make Mother's Day a good day.

Let's see....the score for the weekend is as such....
New tire
Planted new hedge
Relocated roses to new bed
Weeded exisiting beds
Watered floor in training building
Planted lillies
Planted herb beds
Moved sprinkler in building-doesn't cover it all
Went to Decorah for plants
Went to more garden centers for more plants
Helmuths-halters, cool new leather dog collars, lead ropes
Cool store-new dog fencing panels-hum, I see new kennel runs?
Move sprinkler, again.
Another garden center-native plants this time
More roses planted
Shut off sprinkler-forgot about it, now lakes in building.
Oneta Coop-umm, all I could do to keep from filling the cart
Mow yard
Plan garden and get ready to plant
Plot out fruit trees!-orchard here we come
Sit back, enjoy fresh asparegus, steak and taters on grill
Take a moment and go Ahhhhhh

Later gators...

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