Sunday, May 9, 2010

Meet my new Peeps

Okay so not exactly peeps, but I am quazy about quackers!

Super cool! I didn't get my runners last year because they didn't have any potential show hatches turn out. So tried again this year. Look at them, already standing up and the heads are gorgeous. These are pencials btw. Hoping it's not like last year and all drakes-ugh. If they are, check with me after fair in late July, I'll have the ones that didn't sell there, available.

OH and another use for dog equipment. Feeding them out of a puppy pan and using the old whelping box, aka, pool for them. I have a new whelping box set aside for, well, more on that later.

Later gators....

1 comment:

Sherilyn said...

Too cute!! :) Hope there are plenty of girls in there for you this year!