Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Is it me or is it just one of those days?

Some people creep me out. I've been getting weird spam emails that I can only guess come from someone passing on my email address out of spite. Honestly, do people not have lives of their owns or work or something other then find ways to harass people?

Or the dogs? What is up with them right now? I had to have a come to Jesus meeting with one of the young boys tonight. Regardless of what others do, doesn't make it right and he learned that tonight-don't push the alpha or you get a short obedience lesson instead of dinner. rrrrrrr....It's now yes ma'am, where would you like me to sit and wait-patiently? To which all the other dogs were sitting and pointing paws at him-heehee, he got in trouble.

Or that I have a klepto pomeranian? Trying to give meds to a dog and she keeps stealing everything I lay one the floor. Syringe, spoon, scissors, it's never ending. Then I have to chase her to get them back! How can 5 lbs of fluff be so flustering?

Or how about another snapper turtle in the bog down in the pasture. I know what this weekend's project will be to trap that and relocate it.

Or Clairee is being watched for a concussion. Today she was harassing Alec and he was playing with Moose on the teeter-who by the way is an awesome teeter dog. Anyway, as she went to grab his shorts in a collie nip, she came around the end of the teeter as Moose was bring the end down-klunk. And well, she was a little dazed to say the least and went in the house for some down time.

Or or or or.....ugh! I'm counting to 10, watching Glee, having a cup of tea and Moose, Fred, Phoebe, Tuli, Marg and I are going to bed!

Later gators....


ClassyChassy said...

I have gotten those spam emails. too. With links to other sites included. I figured it out, and there's a company that makes about $50.00 by giving out a list to people that want to start their own businesses - the people get paid for each link they put in a comment or some such thing on blogs and if they answer ads on craigslist and leave those links, and the payment comes from the company advertising the product on those links. I had to go back and ask for word verification, and no anonymous comments - stuff like that, for my blog. I hate having to go back and delete those spam messages.

Frink Lemur said...

With being on the net for 15 years, I can say you'll end up getting spam even if you have an email address that has never been used once, and have not given out.

As it is, you seem to get a pretty good constant amount of traffic to the blog, have your email address listed, and have lots of cross links, so your visibility to spammers is pretty high. The stuff just comes through in waves.

I have a problem of getting mis-emails from Slovakian .edu on one of my other accounts that use my Slovakian last name. I'm mistaken for a TA or something. :)

In dog news, Kodi and Chdoe had me going 18mph on Bowman trail last night. vroom!