Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter to all!

Okay, so this is just a little late in the day, but hoping all of you out in blogger land have had a great weekend. The weather out here has been for the most part great. And I must say, God's been holding out hand this week with all that's been going on.

As noted in a previous post, Lace had us a little worried. Okay, more then a little worried. I've never had to deal with a closed pyometra and let me tell you, not something I want to deal with ever again. Here's the facts-on Thursday when Alec took her in, her white blood count as over 4500. Eeeks! As many who have dealt with this know, it's so important to know your dogs and read their moods. Lace was so stoic about it that we only noticed very subtell signs that something was off. After the emergency spay a couple hours later, which she came through with flying colors, she was being sub-q'd with 500 cc's of fluids every couple of hours. Doc tells me later, she had gone septic and it was touch and go for a day. With all those fluids, she was just plain leaking. On Friday we went over to try to get her to eat-no go. We offered fresh pet, chicken livers, yogurst, canned food, and the only three bites she took were the grilled garlic chicken I had packed for bait for the show. So she spent another night at Doc's. BTW, her count was 3800 in the am.

On this note, I must add that I think I have the best vet around. We do have an awesome emergency clinic in town. Big time-ortho, eye, cardiac, etc on staff. I've used them a couple of times and it's well worth the price. But having a good personal relationship with your regular vet is a must. She was taking the weekend off for the holiday, had no plans of being in town, but yet, she made a point of coming in Saturday AM, checking on Lace, doing another panel and calling Alec to tell him what was up with his dog. That's above and beyond the call of duty.

So the blood panel, almost normal by Saturday morning. We of course are in Dewitt for the weekend with the show, but David's manning the fort. Doc calls and says, come get her. Ms Stoic as they call her down there, just wants to go home to eat. Upon arriving home with David, she inhaled a full bowl of hamburger and rice. That's all it took. AND....Doc calls me at 8:00pm Saturday to find out how she's doing. Again, dedication. And instructs me to call her in the am with an update. She gets a medal of honor for this.

Upon arriving home today, we can say that she's almost back to her perky self. Eating good, eyes are clearing up and right now I am hearing a heated discussion coming from downstairs about Alec's chair not being a communal chair and that Lace needed to move her needy butt over to the bed. Yeap, she's back!

Oh and the show, Ruff Ruff took BOB again today. Petey, well, surprise surprise--took WB/BOW for 2 points. Many thanks to Kim for jumping in when I pointed and said--you need to take Pete back in for BOB. This on top of the fact that the poor puppy just went into her first season on Saturday night and was a little wired. Thanks Kim!!! Nick-nack, he moved up to BOB and the judge actually pulled him and Ruff out together before pointing at Ruff! Talk about tickled, he'll have his time to shine in the ring in the near future.

On the way home-almost flat tire. Aired up, back to Camp Gibson, load up, head home. Did I mention that I put out my back in the morning and the advil was wearing off? Yeah, I've been on and off the heating pad and ice packs since I got home. Tire--pulled in the drive way and sssshhhhhh-nail. Tire goes flat in drive way. God was definately guiding us along on the way home.

Now, it's quiet time. No shows, no major things to work on for a couple of months. Well that's not true. Garden, 4-H obedience starts, working on the garage, front yard seeding, etc etc etc. But it's all home stuff for awhile and I'm good for that.

So, don't eat too much candy, leave the ears on the chocolate rabbit and hoping the that blessings of Easter fill your whole life through.

Later gators....


penni said...

What a relief that your girl is okay. We went through the closed pyo in February with Phoebe. We almost lost her because the signs were so subtle. She's fine now -- just did it so she wouldn't have to raise any more puppies I think.

Hopefully with a little time at home, your back will be feeling better. Congratulations on the nice show weekend -- it seemed to be overshadowed by the "Stuff" going on. So, happy end of the Easter day.

Dawn said...

I am so glad Lace feels better. Congrats on the good show weekend too!

ClassyChassy said...

Glad she's okay! So many things can happen, it is scary.

Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Good deal that Lace is close to being back to herself! Good news indeed.

PS Glad to have been helpful with Ms. Peterman!