Saturday, April 3, 2010

And then there was one?? nope-NONE!

What a week. Some times you just want to crawl back under the covers.

Let's start out with a semi crappy show weekend. Not only did I have the start of feeling under the weather, but the weather was, well under the weather. Nick managed to get one more point for his championship, leaving him in the infamous one point club. Made some great new friends, helped out a lot in other breed rings and Alec is now venturing into the hound ring with some whippets to show this summer.

David got sick on Tuesday. He's just the greatest sick person-not. To which he was so pleasant to share with me. Yuck. And on my 40th birthday too. We won't even start to discuss that as those that know me realize I never celebrate it, encourage others to totally forget about it, otherwise, something bad happens. And it did.

Alec's special girl is not well. She started looking a little off Wednesday and first thing Thursday Lace ended up at Doc's. Unfortunately the diagnosis was not good-closed pyometra. Emergency spay. Still not good. She's lost about 10 lbs, not eating, big time meds, low temp and white count-I won't even say what that was. Three days at Doc's and lots of TLC. Luckily she's turned the corner and blood count is close to normal, temps normal and she got to come home today. Ate a bowl of hamburger and rice once she got home and David's playing nurse the rest of the weekend......because we are at a dog show.

So I mentioned my lovely little Nicky was needing one point to finish? Nope, not anymore!!!! Today Nick took WD and BOW to finish his championship. The road to that was long-well not long in the show ring but long in paperwork. Canadian registration mess, then you have to wait on AKC and it wasn't until he was 2 that he actually made it in the ring. One show, then off for months. Once Alec got a chance to handle him, it was lickity split for those points to pile up. I'm so happy for his mom, Deb, his other mother, Sheryl and the fact that I can now be called his other mother. I have a sweet spot for him and he's pretty special to me. Can't wait to see where this takes us now.

And...the long dry spell was broken and Ruff Ruff took BOB. Not a bad day at the dog show, eh? Oh forgot---PIE!!! Ummm, this show is the home of the pies. I had a piece early on to make sure I had some.

But now we are back at Camp Gibson, playing a little Wii and having a great time with great friends. So I guess the crappy week ended pretty darn well.

Later gators....

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Holly said...

So sorry to read about the closed pyo - it is so scary. Glad she is ok.

Congrats on your new Champion!