Monday, March 15, 2010

Lost and found

Things that I have lost and found last week, regardless of actually realizing I did lose it.

Lost-my sanity. I lost it about Tuesday evening when I walked in the garage door and saw the color of my backroom-a study in shades of mud. I was all set on mopping each night but gave up quickly, figuring removing the layers on Friday night would be the best for my back. Dog crates get a nightly mop out and dry. Back yard is off limits, sort of. I seriously need the new door in the garage so that David can stop tracking the barn into the house. The sump is running and running and running, though the ducks appreciate the fresh water in the pond area. Horses have had enough. I’ve had enough. Remember at one point where I said I would trade the snow for mud, yeah, maybe I lost it way back then?

Found-two new dogs. Okay, so not really new dogs, how about the neighbor’s labs who are never locked up, tied up or confined in a yard. Turner, who Alec “lost” for about 2 mins when he didn’t get the back gate completely latched, decided to do the neighborly thing and introduce himself to the girls next door. Alec saw this silver streak trotting up to and stopping at the end of the driveway, giving a "hey girls, what's happenn' " wag of his tail . Alec found himself racing for the garage, to which, one yell of Turner’s name, brought him back down the drive, but with the two labs happily bouncing along with him. Of course, the human girls came trying to get their dogs to come home-again, refer to the running at large part and add in no training. Turner, of course, had to warn Alec of the “stranger danger” fast approaching. I believe I was told that the labs happily followed Turner into the back yard, where all were cornered and returned to their rightful places. Note to self, once again the thaw means time to reset the gate so the latch works properly.

Lost-one brindle puppy. If by chance you happen upon one, please return it. I will gladly exchange it for at solid brown colored dog resembling a cardigan puppy that I seem to have found in my backyard. I think the one I lost also smells sweet, the one I currently have smells totally rotten and seems set on remaining that way. My lovely brindle and white puppy was last seen going out into the backyard Thursday but 5 hours later(yes 5 hours-refused to come inside) when the door was opened, in came this brown thing, wet, dripping and willing to share her filth with everyone. I was told that it spent lots of time wallowing in and sliding through the mud.

Found-two halters, the pooper scooper, a bucket of dead dog toys, my agility equipment and of course, lots of poop to pick up. Funny the things you find that you didn’t know you lost, when the snow melts.

Lost-my back yard. Now replaced by a swamp and brick pit. The dogs have been reading up on their bible and have learned how to work in the mud pits, and how to make bricks without straw. The area in front of the duck yard is a quagmire. Hum, maybe that’s where the brindle puppy got lost?

Found-my sense of humor. I’ve had nothing but laughs this week and I have to thank all my good friends for that. After the weekend before where I was pretty much down in the dumps, they brought me back up. Kim’s been providing us with the New Adventures of Rambo in the Land of Electronics . Rus and Sherilyn are hosting This Old House. My mother is dealing with the Queen and her court jesters. David, well, he’s been on were-rabbit hunts as well as being the lone guard for the northern border(Max of the Border Patrol is on leave due to the mud). Merlot is playing Candy Land—dog’s acts like she's been on a sugar high all week because of the limited play time. She even got the Old Man to frap this week, though he needed an aspirin before bed. Moose has been confused because he got a bath on Monday night along with his nails done-he’s been wandering and bouncing around wondering when the dog show is.

So as you can tell, my lost and found pile is pretty normal. Or is it?
Later gators..

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