Sunday, March 7, 2010

Le sigh

The reason this comes to mind is that on Friday night after 7 hours at the funeral home for visitations(yes plural), I ran across this pretty little kitty tip toeing down the middle of the road. I did a "le sigh", gunned the engine a little and followed it as it kept up right down the middle of the road. You ask, why don't you just run over it? Well, some 20 years ago a certain GSD of mine killed one--under my truck--and for a year following, damp or rain or snow or ice, caused my truck to reak. So considering the funeral the following day, I chose to spare it's life and my nose.

Man, Friday was long. It's amazing to see the number of people who came. So many I didn't know, so many I see all the time and way too many that you see not enough of and usually at events like this.

My grandmother's sister's-in-law, sister-in-law--got that? Passed away on Monday. Visitations were held at the same time Friday so it was pretty much a family reunion. That would explain all the hours, they finally had to kick us out at 8.

Funeral was as the boys wanted it-simple and quick. Flowers were gorgeous and all but my cousin from OK made it back. Family took up 1/2 the pews. We even had one of the great great grandchildren there. Thank GOD, He gave us good weather-the rain stayed away till last night. The boys also were able to do something special. On the way to the cemetary, instead of taking the direct route through town, the Marion police blocked traffic as one officer and car lead the way, winding through the back streets, and past the old farmstead where Grandma and Grandpa lived most of their lives. Apartments are there now. We had a board with photos up that showed the farm in it's heyday as well as how it aged. A fitting last tribute to both of them.

Since this is as good a place as any, for the record, here are few of my personal requests, when I die. No sappy songs. No organ music but if you have to, play something with a hockey theme. Lord of the Dance, Let Peace Begin With Me and like Grandma, keep it short and sweet. A plain casket, heck like David wants-an Amish made wood one is just fine with me. Seasonal flowers--NO GLADS!!! Daisy mums are always good and last a long time. I'd love peonies, roses, snaps, hyacinths, lilies and lots of color. White- nah, yellow-ok, but lots of tasteful colors. Bushes to plant or pernnials are good too. Have a party-celebrate life! But you know, I would love a good ol'fire and brimstone sermon somewhere in there :)

Le sigh, meloncally day. The sun comes out and the steam rises in waves off the field. The back yard is a lake, so the dogs go out in the hayfield. I've done how many loads of dog towels, 6 baths, and well, yuck. Le sigh. I need to get out of this funk. I do believe this is a good day to curl up with a good movie, popcorn and veg out. House work can wait!

Later gators..

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Dawn said...

Sorry about your grandmothers passing, and I hope the doldrums pass quickly. Hugs