Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wererabbits beware!

Let me tell you a little story that includes a unique cast of characters...a GSD named Max, a WereRabbit and a barbed wire fence.

Last week in the early dawn hours that encompase David's daily routine, Max the wonder dog begged to go outside. Upon venturing outside, rather then his usual - run at the horses and bark my fool head off, he did the unusual and stalked out in to the front yard. David, thinking nothing of it, shut the door, turned and three steps past the piano, heard a bang at the door followed by a whimpering canine.

In runs Max the scaredy cat dog, diving under the table, shaking.

Yes, we do believe he encountered the fearsome Wererabbit.

Rules have now changed. Dogs go out with partners, never leave your wing man. In case of an encounter, run for the door, barking the alarm as you go. Anyone knowing my husband will understand how he gives these instructions when he lets the dogs out.

In all honesty, we do have a very stupid rabbit or two venturing into the yard this winter. Our beloved rabbit dog left us for the bridge, so those pesky bunny butts are getting braver and braver. Our figuring is that Max was stalking a rabbit, in his mad dash to catch it, forgot about one little thing--the barbed wire fence. With the current snow cover, the rabbits just run under the top two strands, and well, I think you get the picture? Yeah, Wonder Dog has two very neat gauges out of his face where he ran into the fence, scared the piss out of himself and now is Super Chicken Dog. He's refusing to go outside in the dark, hides in the closet in the morning till the sun comes up and has to go out with a person and a group of dogs.

Dang Wererabbits!

Later gators.....

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