Saturday, February 20, 2010

Thanks, glad to be of service

This weekends weather is brought to you!

I swear, it's a dog show weekend and it's got to be some sort of weather event. Yesterday during the Collie and Pomeranian specialties(no it's not a new breed) it snowed. Predicted Thurday night 1". I think Des Moines ended up with 4" total. Yeap, glad to be of service.

Today, not bad. Parking crappy. Slushy roads but not bad. Tonight, eh, we'll see. Tomorrow-STORM. That's right folks, it may be a snow day for the Foggy Bottom crew as I get my keys taken away from me and we stay at Mumme's one more night. Thank God for 8am ring times. Yes, you heard me. The one time I like early ring times is when we have enough of a chance to book it home before the bad weather starts. I'll let you know how that goes.

Oh and results. Geeeze, I almost forgot. Lace was Best Veteran at both Collie specialties. Meredith and her pom, Tango were Best Junior. It was a fun day and that's all it was, just for fun.

Today, was well interesting. Before others take a stab and blast me for a goof, here it is. Yes per AKC rules you can enter a single dog in as many classes as you want. Per my or the supers goof, Pete was entered in both Puppy and Bred By. Long story, we won puppy then again, another miscommunication with the super and we had to go back into Bred By. Heehee, took 2nd in a huge class. Anyway, it was great ring experience, judge was very polite, very helpful and had a good sense of humor about it all. Nick took RWD. Ugh, those last two points will kill us but that's okay. We all love the lug anyway.

On a sad note, we want to send out healing vibes to Tom and Kerri Carter. Kerri, Connie, Kim and Sonja had to leave before showing today and will not be back tomorrow. Tom is in the hospital after having emergency surgery this morning. We have all been praying for him today. More news as we get updates.

Also, it was another blow to hear about the death of a lovely young lady. I won't go into too many details but our hearts and prayers are sent out to the Abben family. The world is a little less bright tonight without her here.

But now to happier thoughts--ice cream and brownies are calling my name. I also think a little adult beverages might be served.

later gators.....

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