Friday, November 20, 2009

Those silly boys

We all know how those boy dogs can be. Silly, goofy and well, that whole leg thing.

Our house has lots of boys, so it's a virtual pee war outside. Who can mark the most and the highest. It's actually a riot to watch as the little guys-Jazper in particular, see how high he can go. What's even funnier is that he gets so intent on following that smell, he'll usually walk under the large male collie, who is in the process of doing his own signature on an object, then end up getting pee'd on. His head gets washed so many times a week, you wonder how he keeps any hair on it.

Tango the female pomeranian--she marks too. That's another fun one to watch when the rest of the girls go "uh?"

Unfortunately, Frankie is the odd man out. Still doesn't quite get it. Yeap, he squatts. Hasn't even come to terms with the use of his rear legs and the whole gymnastics thing going on. So he wanders over, squatts and immediately the rest of the boys out do him. Poor poor Frankie.

later gator....

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