Friday, November 20, 2009

Raindrops on roses...

Whisker's on kittens and now I have that song stuck in your head for the day. Heehee, that's just evil isn't it? But nope that's not what got me going this morning. It was thinking about favorite things or even the simple things in life that make me happy.

Sleeping in, or at our house, past 5:30.
Chocolate bar hidden in the freezer for "emergencies".
Snuggling in the easy chair with my favorite Moose.
A long hot shower.
Getting a text from a friend or call from a loved one.
Frozen Fog--yes that's what was on my windshield this morning and it was beautiful.
Helping out someone in need.
Dog shows with friends!
A lovely cup of tea with milk and sugar--or even better getting the gift of that special tea when only you knew you wanted a cup!
Warm brownies and a scoop of vanilla ice cream
A paper bird from a child
A snoring husband
A chorus of howling dogs-though Merlot's sounds like a dying frog.
A silly cardigan grin and a collie goose.

I challenge you in blogger land to make your own list! I know you all have favorite things that make you smile. Write them down and remember them when it's been a horrible day. It's not about the the things you have to work at, it's about the things that just happen.

Too many people are dead set on making life too complicated. They think everyone is out to take from them, steal and abuse. I feel sorry for them because they honestly don't know the joy of the simple life. Why spend you life worrying about goblins and trolls that might be around the next corner? Share just because you can, put the worry in a jar and bury it in the back yard, then start humming......

bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens......

Later gators....

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