Friday, October 2, 2009


Not an unusual fall evening for us. It's raining, so that means lots of dog towels as the many muddy paws, underbellies and swishy tails come in and out the door. The new flooring in the dog room got it's first test and OMG-you couldn't even tell there was a muddy foot print until, of course, you stepped in the wet spot with your socks on. Needless to say I was impressed.

The night before the neighbor was opening his bean field. I know he was trying to beat the rain, but those combine lights come right into the bedroom window and at 1am it's a little hard to sleep with that. In all honesty, we don't care, it's just part of living in the country. Only hitch is this time of the year I need to remember to close the curtains when I get ready for bed-never know who's going to wandering in the fields - heehee.

Had visitors come for part of the weekend. We are the overnight stop as Bekka and her canine gang head to a show with Alec this weekend. Thank God Krissy is out of season, Fred was in a state as it was. He got his head ripped of at least a dozen times last night and as all about her. Silly old man, he'll never learn but at least he got some exercise chasing the blue blur around. We also got the pleasure of the grand Duchess aka Guppy aka The Toys Are All MINE! I might add here---she looks awesome! I commented to Bekka that she actually has a waist, even her head looked slimmer. Way to go to everyone in DM for getting her back in shape.

Duchess came in and took over the toy box, found Lace's big floppy turtle. Then found the squeaker in it. I forgot that you don't give her squeaky toys, that is unless you want to hear it squeak round the clock. Every one played a little tug and fetch with her. Then she made a point of sucking up to David. When he said no more to her, she turned to Alec. Too funny as she made a big point of what she wanted from him. She's a hoot and a great little pemmie-she can visit any day.

So it's still raining but lots of plans for the weekend. The visitors on Wednesday left the backhoe! So it's water line, electrical, and duck pond!!!! The last Down Town Farmer's Market of the season is tomorrow and yeap, finally home for a weekend so we can go there. Another swing past the orchard--yes 20lbs of apples are about gone-the ones we picked last weekend. Then it's time to clean out the last of the garden, till it and tuck some of my perennials in bed for the winter and just when my new Asiatic Lillies started blooming. Okay I got them in late but at least I got them in! I'll try to get a photo of them.

It definately is fall here. Big time crock pot aka slow cooker time. Holly got me hooked on a great blog, A Year of Slow Cooking , plus Holly's got her own blog about that infamous thing we call out here-the crock pot, Queen of Slow Cooking. I tried the Orange Chicken and yeap it's a repeater. Since I have a lot of chicken in the frezer, will try another one on Saturday and Sunday. But which recipe??

Now, who's going to visit us tonight????

Later gators....


Sherilyn said...

LOL Glad The Duchess had a good time, too! It's taken us 2 years on her special UTI food to get her down to a slim 24-25 lbs, and going to work hard to keep her there! She has more energy at 7 (on the 8th this week!) than she has in a LONG time! She's even been playing with the younger crowd here at home...warms my heart to see her healthier and happier! :) All part of being a rescue, and that we don't know her family history, but we love her the same as the show dogs...she's the Queen! Thanks for letting her hang out with the Foggy Bottom/Summit kids for the 2 nights Bekka was passing through.

I'll have to check out the slow cooker recipes, too...LOVE to thrown something in the crock and then walk in after a long day at work and smell the good stuff!

Have a great week!

Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

We enjoyed having Dutchess this weekend. What a great dog! Kathy was so taken with her that....oh no no pems in my house but I would take a Dutchess any day of the week!

Thanks for the slow cooker links---cream cheese chicken is in the pot!