Wednesday, September 30, 2009

dogs vs ducks redo

It happened, again. This time Fred, Tuli, Phoebe and Eddie were the culprits. But I might add, I now know how to fix it.

Lace is in the back yard, raising a ruckus. Meredith jumps up to tell her to shut her trap and in a blur-DOGS IN THE DUCK YARD!!!!! Don't mess with the Ms and her ducks! So off we all run. Gate is indeed open, Eddie, God love him, bouncing out to say-hey look, gates open. Tuli has already booked it out knowing full well that with the intensity of the door being ripped open, she had better look innocent. Phoebe got a bath later on-as I yelled at her to "that'll do" and "get out", she ran past with duck poop smeared on her head and neck.

But Fred, oh Fred. He was the last one out. Not a feather out of place in the herd. But it does look like something tried to get a cayuga the night before and it died of it's injuries. I had to call Fred off three times before he really took me seriously. But again, not a feather lost, no slimy ducks and David is forbidden from opening or shutting the gate again.

Yes that's right, David left the gate open this weekend and once again last night. Went in, feed, came out and shut the gate, just forgot to lock it. UGH! He has gotten a good ribbing about it from all sides. The Ms and I agreed, Dad's not to open the gates anymore. Someone else goes out and does chores of opens, shuts and locks the gates for him. This being the same man who would have blown a gasket if one of us had left a horse gate open, just ducks-haha, his head in shame and grins. What is this world coming too?

If it's not one thing, it's another. Now we have to figure out how to get an 18 + hand clydesdale into a trailer with clearance for a quarter horse. How quickly can Forest learn the command "duck" so that we can take him back home???

Later gators....

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Sherilyn said...

LOL Picturing it all now....never a dull moment, eh? ;)