Saturday, October 10, 2009

Life in threes

It’s been interesting around here lately. David likes the theory that life goes in threes. Usually when there’s a celebrity death, there’s three of them in a row. Or horrible things-plane crashes, bombings, terrorist activities. All come in threes.

Three things happened recently that made me think about our effect on the world around us. A dear friend is getting a divorce. I knew something was up but it still shocked me. I am praying for them both. I hope as this finalizes that they can end up as friends and remain close. The end of a relationship is never good, be it a close friendship or even a job. What makes the difference is what we take forward out of that experience and how we turn it for the good.

David talks about high school. We joke that he’s some CIA operative or NSA or what ever. I never meet any of his high school class mates. I see photos, no real people. Yes I know his college chums, but again, hummm, is that real? Laughing aside, he recently sent me an article about an Iowa native who is now living within the shadow of the Iffle Tower in France , doing some sort of interpreting or translating for the government. This same gal, cheated off David’s French tests and homework in school. She didn’t know a chien from a chat. Too funny.

But it really gets you to thinking about what you do in life and how if might affect someone, anyone, how many years in the future. Seriously, think about that. Who you talk to today, teach, argue with, hate or seek revenge on, in 20 years what will the ripple affect be? And to whom?

Running errands yesterday before an appointment and meeting, I had 10 minutes to swing through Goodwill. I love shopping at these types of stores. All my show clothes come from there and most are high end designer names. Meredith loves finding that hidden treasure too. So I found a gorgeous jacket from my favorite name-Herve Bernard. Should have gotten it but it was too dark for the dogs I show. Still I might go back and get it-too nice to pass up. Found a new skirt, couple more of my Fire King bowls and a neat sweater hoody for Meredith. All warm and fuzzy.

So standing in line to pay for my prizes when a gal comments that she saw the same sweater and almost picked it up for a niece. I smiled, turned and it was someone who I worked with about 12 years ago. We locked eyes and both went WOW! It was a fun conversation, short, but fun about what we are doing now, families and life. Mary Ann is a divorced Catholic mom with four kids, she’s going back to school for her masters and doing volunteer work for the time being. Her kids are great and I so enjoyed working with her those so many years ago. What struck me was when she said," You know that rosary you gave me long ago? I still have it and just yesterday gave it to my son." Blown away does not even begin to describe my emotion. Such a simple gift to a friend has made such a difference to her. She said she usually carries it in her purse and on really bad days, puts it in her pocket. Every time, thinks of me and my kindness towards her. Her son is having a bad day, so that’s why she gave it to him.

What we do today, tomorrow or next week will affect someone. Many times we don’t know who, many times we will never know it’s long term affect. But we all need to make a conscious effort to think about our actions. It’s like the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon game. One comment, one slight, one atta boy not only changes one person but those they interact with and down the line. It might not be the first person, but 6 down the line.

As the movie line goes: pass it forward. Watch the ripple effect from your single drop of water into the pool of life. It might surprise you that you actually do matter, to more people then you think. As for the rule of three, I’m hoping that the good things in life come in more then three, they usually do.

Later gators…..

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