Saturday, October 10, 2009

I stopped them dead in their tracks

I live with a couple Christmas nuts. The moment it even hints at being a Christmas atmosphere, regardless of the time of the year, they start humming carols, planning snow forts and days off school and work for blizzards.

The current temperature, balmy 32 degrees. Forecast-snow. Picture-no that's not just a lot of duck feathers, that's snow.

I immediately said-STOP! No carols, no snow fort plans, no no no no. The rule has been, will be and forever more is: No Christmas till the day after Thanksgiving. You will not dress up like Santa for Halloween, heck we haven't even got pumpkins yet. I refuse to turn on the furnace yet-put on some socks, a sweatshirt, a sweater. Get up and move to keep warm and just suck it up.

It's only October 10th for crying out loud!!!

And for those dog show nuts, hahaha, I'm so glad that I stayed home. The Mason City show is either hot and dry or wet and cold. I think this is a first for me to say it had snow too. Heehee. You know, I really am not missing the shows right now. In all honesty, this might end up being a long term home gig for me-with the exception of a few day trips for obedience in the next few months. Hanging out at home with the family, hot cup of tea and some sewing. Yeap I can get used to this.

Later gators....

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Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Ah yes, Mason City--25 degrees last night. The water pump froze, and the campground owner used a torch to get us water. Then gave us two hours before he shut the whole system down! Needless to say I packed up and came home!