Monday, August 3, 2009

Holy Carp!

I finally got to a dog show this weekend. A real one, not a fun match, not a 4-H show, but a real live AKC dog show. Oh it does a body good.

First off, huge thank you to Kim for letting us bunk with her. It was so much fun and the Double Shot is perfect. Bekka has it all organized, though the condiment fridge, well, we need to work on that a little. What's your first thought when you open up a fridge and see relish, ketchup, mustard, and beer? Yes, that was it. We have a list of things to stock in it next weekend.

The Pettibone Resort was wonderful. Right on Goose Island in LaCrosse, WI. 5 mins from the show site and lots of other dog people. We had a blast. Thanks to Randy and Tim for helping get the Double Shot perfectly placed so the slides could come out. OH and electronic awnings--push of a button and bingo, shade. Yeah, that's well worth it right there.

To the show--nice site. Well run show but seriously, more vendors, please??? We did groom at the RV and then drove over right before ring time. Luck had it, no rain and cool weather most of the weekend.

Hugh Ruffner was in town on Saturday and flirted with each and every girl he found. What a dog he thinks he is. Alec and Russ looked awesome out there and took BOB on Saturday. Nothing in group. Honestly if you judge, give the courtesy to all the dogs and look past the front 1/2 of the group. Most of the 2nd 1/2 did comment that they didn't even need to be in the ring, since she didn't even seem to know they exisited. Ah but yes, another day, another judge, another dog show.

Sunday was the Holy Carp day. I still don't understand it but Frankie took BOB over Russ and Phantom. Crissy was BOW and BOS for her first point. Knowing the judge for group was the judge that we had the day before, we figured we would just go in for the experience. That's what it was, just a good time. '

So we load up, get the Double Shot all ready for the road and head home. Bekka and Meredith are sleeping, Alec too. I had to keep my eyes open for the trip, but was never so happy to see my bed last night. Unfortunately a call from Kim later on confirmed that it was not an uneventful trip home.

The malibu blew two tires on one side about 60 miles out of LaCrosse and Kim, Nick, Russ and Ella are overnighting it in Spring Green WI until they can get tires replaced plus the electrical fixed. Seems that when they blew the tires, it started a small electrical fire in the malibu. At least everyone is safe, the Double Shot in fine and the malibu, well, it'll limp home later today.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and can't wait for the next dog show!!!

Later gators.....


Dawn said...

Congrats on a great weekend! Go red dogs!

Cindy said...

Thanks--I'm kind of sweet on the bugger. He's as easy going and laid back as they get.

Sherilyn said...

Yup, that he is! :) The alter ego of Brother Bear is just as sweet....too bad the tailess wonder brings out the devil horns on Bear at times! hehe