Thursday, August 6, 2009

All grow'd up

Can it be? No, not yet? Really??

My last baby starts middle school at the end of the month and and and and well I just can't handle it.

Last weekend I was informed by both Bekka and Kim that yes indeed she is turning into a teenager---WHOA-----that's two years down the road, not when she's still 11. I sound so much like my mother when I tell her that I brought her into the world, I can just as well take her back out as well as still get her over my knee when she's a teenager--love ya Muffin!

David had some pictures developed off his little disposable cameras that he loves. Honestly they take pretty good pictures and take a beating, unlike the expensive cameras.

So here's my baby all grow'd up, sort of.

Seems she caught the giant chicken. We used it for the bbq at the corgi picnic -heehee
Actually County Fair this year, early in the day, many many hours before her birds showed.

The next Tiger Woods. Approacing the 18th at the Greater Iowa Cornfield National Tournament. Yes this is from this spring just after they planted beans. Notice that she's got quite the fine looking caddy helping her out.
Later gators.....



Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

hehehehe....yep the little one is growing up. Let me two favorites for the weekend were the death stare and the "I'm not doing it!" statements. hehehehe oh this is going to be way too much fun!

Sherilyn said...