Sunday, July 26, 2009

What a weekend!!

Okay, let's get this out of the way before I burst, then on to the rest of the weekend.

I am proud to annouce that Frankie finished this weekend in Waukesha, WI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is now known as CH Sumjammin Five O'Clock Somewhere FB CGC. I was fearing that he might be one of those to chase that last single point he needed, but need not worry. That boy can pull it out of the hat when he needs to. Alec is beyond happy and I think Frank knows he did well too. He's strutting around like a proud peacock. This is Margie's 3rd CH offspring and that makes it even sweeter. With a group placing son, two other champions, one on his way to an obedience title, another working on her championship(1/2 way there) and well, a super exciting breeding for her final litter, I see this girl contributing so much to not only our breeding program but to others. Way to go Marg!!! Special thanks to Rus, Sherilyn and of course Phantom, who made it all possible!

Oh and Frankie, finished in almost the exact same time frame as his Papa Fred---13 mos and a few days. Is that not a tradition or what?? Would have been faster if I hadn't forgotten to enter a few shows.

Congrats Frankie!!!!!!!!! Who said red dogs are hard to finish????

Okay for the rest of the weekend--it was a fun and fast flurry. A blur so to speak, as we had so much going on.

3.5 inches of rain on Friday night, not a good setting for a picnic the next day, was it? Saturday was run and run and run to get all the things back in place after the storms so that all of our guests could arrive for the Iowa Corgi Frap.

Everyone was on their best behavior and we had a grand time with all the dogs present. It was so great to see Jimmy come out of his shell and even more fun to see how Carla, the foster dog from last year, as she looks awesome. I think I have a post to put up from her to end her foster dog story--that's for later. Thanks to everyone who attended, it was so much fun and the food was awesome.

So Saturday night we realized, no kids, not a thing going on, humm, romantic date?? Nah, we hit the bed by 9 and were asleep by 9:30. But a 3am wake up call ended that peaceful night--coyotes in the pasture and ducks huddled up by the house. David went out and made some racket and seems to have chased them away, but we are making sure that the ducks are covered for the night, the ducklings are double secure and sleeping with an eye open waiting for the telltail calls at oh dark thirty in the morning.

With that interruption, I tried to go back to that deep sleep I love, but nope, alarm went off and I had to get ready to judge a county fair. So off I go to Benton Cty to judge dogs and pets. Oh it was a blast! I got to meet my first Alpaca up close and personal as well as judge some really up and coming dog handlers.

So home, but to what, chaos-puppies who decided to shred every bit of paper in the house, so out they go. Merlot and Eddie decided to teach them to swim! Yes, now I have water puppies. More messes to clean up.

Alec, Bekka and Meredith make it home, unload and spent a pleasant evening chatting outside, watching puppies and making sure Frankie knows how special he really is!

Now back to work to get a breather!

Later gators.....


Dawn said...

Congrats on finishing Frankie! Red dogs rule!

Sherilyn said...

Thanks again for the great day on Saturday! So glad we could be there when the call came in about Frankie and we could celebrate his final point! Good job Alec, Bekka and Meredith, and of course that gorgeous red boy of ours, Frankie!

Here's to more Champions and future litters, and great friends and family!

Try to rest up some this week...we have more fun weekends ahead! :)


Cindy said...

Too much fun--I'm already wondering if it's September yet!

Winjammin' said...

Definitely!! Have to clean the house first! LOL