Sunday, June 14, 2009

What a weekend!

Okay, it started out a little crappy--rain, rain, rain, rain and well, more rain. Ever set up a tent in the rain? Not me ;0) The other hooligans did. We had gone to the Fort Dodge Shows this weekend and well, it seems like a trend. The last time we were there, we drove through a severe thunderstorm/tornado.

So it's wet, the rain did stop but not till later in the evening. Make for soggy show grounds the next day. Bekka and Kim were prepared though with super cute mud boots. After straigtening out the chaos from the night before, it was time to groom. The one perfect thing about this weekend was that we had 12:30ish ring times. Oh to sleep in, not rush and enjoy the day. The other unfortunate effect of the rain was that Meredith and David had stayed home to go to a horse show but 1" of rain in the arena canceled it. Bummer, she's been working really hard to get ready for it too.

So back to the dog show. We weren't sure after the chaos was rearranged if we were looking more like professional handlers with our string of dogs or the Beverly Hill Billies. More on what we decided later. Grooming was attended to and off we go, too many dogs and not enough hands. Alec enlisted Sheryl from frenchie fame and handed her the infamous Russ. Frankie, Justin, Krissy, Merlot and Boo also towed along behind. Now Alec is showing a new dog, Justin. I love him to pieces and he's really coming along, but he's blowing coat! Hair is every where on every one and every other dog. What a mess. But in the end it was a good first weekend for him. Frankie and I took WD/BOW, our good friend Cindy and her girl Tanna took WB and Russ was BOB.

Now let's talk about Russ a little. He's a character and we feel has multiple personalities at times. Somedays it's the inner puppy he's channeling and goes by the name Ruff Ruff. Other times it's the horribly evil teenage dog called Rosario and then there's the newest persona-Hugh Ruffner---hot stuff extrodinare. Let's say he's figured out what girls are and he's not above flirting with each and everyone of them-two or four legged! Just ask Bekka, he's in love with her. The call for the weekend was the Hugh Ruffner was in the building and he was strutten his stuff--all the way to a group 3!!!! I don't think it hurt that Kim had cooked Rib Eye for him either-Alec and Russ were well feed.

So back to the RV to chill, eat, drink and be merry. Kim's a great cook and the best pet owner I could ever ask for. We had pork plus tons of other food to keep us full all night long. Rus, Sherilyn, Kim, Kathy, Nick and I kept eating and drinking around the fire while Alec and Bekka took off to dinner and movie. Being in the company of good friends beat the rain any day.

Sunday dawns with rain clouds in the distance. Once again, Thank You ONOFRIO, for the 12:30 ring time but I only ask that in the next few shows that if you could, schedule Novice B obedience at a time other then when cardigans and pems show-yeap, once again I had to ditch Moose's CD work to show Frankie. Oh well, one of these days.... It did start raining again, but we all got under the awning and enjoyed a lazy Sunday morning-including Kim's Sunday paper. Groom, go and show-same as the day before but the LS puppy-Merlot took RWB, considering this time she decided it was time to play show dog, not obedience dog, and stood nice, gave ears and it was almost impossible to keep up with her on the go rounds-that girl can move!! Frankie is WD/BOW-now just needing a major to finish. Bekka was once again a good luck charm and Russ took BOB. Nothing in group, it was all big hairy dogs this time around. But congrats to Leslie, Marla and Paul on their wins this weekend! Again, great group of friends.

Now back to the decision on what we really are. Yeap, Beverly Hill Billies seems to fit better then anything else. Kim had brought out a frying pan and spoon and was using it to make noise to distract the barking dogs( bottle of NO was not working by then), then the chaos of tarps and tents didn't help matters much. We promised to work on being more professional the next time around and should be easier as we now know what not to do--as in set up in the rain!

Thanks guys--I know I missed even more fun last weekend and promise to not miss too many more in the future. Now it's back home, dogs are super happy as they can get muddy and wet for awhile and not have to be show dogs. Frank is already brown not red ;0)

Hope everyone else had a great weekend---summer is here!!!

Later gators...



Sherilyn said...

Definitely a fantastic weekend with the best of friends making it even more so! Thank you SO much to Kim for putting up with all of us and helping put up the tent (for the dogs, mind you!) in the rain!

Here's to more weekends of fun, and a great start to a new relationship for 2 special young adults. You definitely have the backing of your entire dog show family! :) What a great looking couple! (even Hugh Ruffner thought so!! hehe) Now Bek knows what I felt like last year at Nationals!! LOL

Have a great week, and can't wait to do it again next weekend!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the great weekend!

We call ourselves the Clampetts too.

Dawn said...

I had such plans of camping out and coming to that show, now I really wish we had. Oh well. Glad you guys had fun. See you sometime! Congrats on the wins.

Cindy said...

I love it--we actually decided to call ourselves Team AAA, as in running Amok, Amok, Amok!

Gotta make the shows fun or why go? Some people just take themselves way to serious.