Monday, June 22, 2009

The one point club

What a weekend! Good friends, good food and great conversation. Wait, I think that was last weekend too? At least this weekend it wasn't the Beverly Hillbillies look alike contest. Though we did seem to have the same amount of rain.

Friday night Alec went down, met up with Bekka and Sherilyn, set up and then he and Bekka brought 1/2 the Winjammin crew to our house for the weekend. Duchess is not impressed with our back yard and the hooligans that inhabit it. She's certain she's supposed to be in the front yard but to keep the peace, she had no choice but backyarding it. On the other hand, Dreamy was just in heaven with her current crush-Moose. Those two were inseperable all weekend. Wrong colors but oh well, they can play for now.

Saturday was hot, humid with the chances of bad weather looming. I think we were all melting, at 9am in the morning! It was Ella's first show and she did very well, though Kim thought she forgot all that she had learned in class and at home. She was in the same class with her sister Sterling. Kim F and Grace went on to win WB, with Cindy and Tana RWB. In the boys, Frankie was 1st in BBE, Bear 2nd. Dougal went on to take a much needed major WD, Frankie took Reserve. Mary's lovely black boy Raider was BOB.

We hung around to watch a few other breeds, cheer on Tammy in pems(didn't help though-let's not even get into that judging.) then it was get the heck out of Dodge and go home where it's cool!

Everyone came up that evening for dinner and to squeeze puppies. As it would happen, Saturday morning as I was doing my makeup, I looked over to see puppies with their feet up on the side of the pool, then plunk, over they went. Jail break at the worst time but it also meant it was time to relocate the criminals to the study. They weren't to upset, their mother was though. Heehee, I locked her in the xpen with them, which in turn meant she had no means of escape. She's not happy right now.

So everyone picks out the same puppy-Connie. I see a fight going on over her. Should be interesting but overall, they are all nice and coming along well.

Alec and Bekka left for a movie, Rus and Sherilyn, David and I sat and watched a DVD while the dogs--all of them, romped in the front yard. They lounged in the pool, barked at the ducks, played tag and were tired doggies at the end of the night. Everyone slept well.

Sunday dawns with an ugly four lettered word-Rain. Ugh. It rained off and on all weekend. Which meant carrying dogs to and from the grooming to the building. Someone gave me heck for carrying Frankie-thank God he isn't heavier-to which I said, he's heavy enough. At least we were in the main building where the lighting was better and the floors were dry. Connie had gone to Karen Johnson's funeral so Kim F had brought all but her BBE dog. I got to show the super cute Sterling. We won our class! and she was a very well behaved puppy. The judge even looked at our class and shook her head-now isn't this going to be a fun class. After our first go around, she said 1st one up on the table, the rest of you relax and go play in the corner-too funny. Frankie came away with WD/BOW for his second major, officially entering him in the One Point Club. And as it usually happens, it might be forever for him to get that one point. Bear was RWD. Cindy and Tana got their 2nd major with WB. Sulley was pulled out of mothballs and was BOB. Doggone old dogs anyway.

And it rained. And rained and the pems and GSD's were in an outside ring. And it rained. Alec showed Sheryl's french for WB/BOW and I think BOS. Taffy is a super cute little girl and fiesty. Looks like Alec might be picking up another dog to handle this summer too-just what I need in the house, a Frenchie. I helped with Ibizian hounds and took BOB with DB. And it rained. And it was hot and humid and sticky and it rained. Pems were outside. Much better judging today-Tammy was BOB with her open bitch. The comment of the weekend was too perfect--someone asked Tammy why her dog wasn't as muddy as the rest, to which she replied, maybe it's because mine moves better then the rest. We all rolled at that one--good one Tammy.

Tammy and Sunny went on to a Group 3 and Sunny is now in the 2pt club. As the heat just got worse, we all broke camp, headed home and well, waited for it to rain again. Went around us, go figure. But the temps are in the 90's this week with heat indexes in the 100-105 rang. YUCK!

We are now off for many weekends as it's county fair time. Then it's just a few weeks to defrag the brain and get ready for the fall shows. Fall already?? It just turned to Summer yesterday!

Small plug here---the CRKA/Linn Cty 4-H fun match is this upcoming weekend-----if anyone would like to help out with judging or just helping out, please contact me!!!! The weather and health issues have wiped out many people who usually help us.

I'm also looking for someone to judge obedience at the Linn Cty Fair--anyone??? It's a paying gig too!!!

Later gators....


Dawn said...

well, the one point club is not a bad place to be at all. It will come. Sounds like a nice weekend though.

Sherilyn said...

Thanks again to Cindy and David for hosting 1/2 of the Winjammin' crew this weekend, and for a great get together Saturday night. Got in my puppy fix (for now, anyway, but can't wait to see them again!) They are looking great! Bekka had a ball, and that pretty smile hasn't left her face yet, and she's counting down the hours to seeing her best guy again on Thursday night so we can head to Vermillion this weekend. She's on cloud 9 (from what I've observed, he's right there with her...hehe)

We're going to miss you this weekend, but I'm sure your fun match this weekend will be fun! I'll have a glass of wine for you on Saturday. :)

Hugs! See you soon!


penni said...

It sounds like your "gang" always has such a great time. Congratulations on the wins -- and Dawn's right. There are far worse places to be than in the one point club.

Cindy said...

I'm hoping that it's not too long - a couple of our usual crowd we show with worked on one point for a year and is on the same bad roll with another dog right now! Then there's Emmy and the what 35 major reserves?

Nope, no fear, Frankie will turn on the charm soon--hoping to brag that he finished in exactly the same time as his grandpa Fred at 13 mos!

Sherilyn said...

And now the hunt for those last majors for 2 of ours...Bear and Ransom (aka CM - Chunky Monkey or Crunch Munch, or also PITA - LOL) Keeping fingers crossed that we can find the majors and finish these 2 boys.