Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Okay, so maybe hate was a little severe

Where in the heck did spring go?? I was complaining about mud yesterday or the day before and well, I think hate is too strong of a word to use on it. Right now the forecast is for single digit temps as well as brrrrr windchills. Pam and Arlo had an ice storm this last weekend, loosing power. I will say that I didn't mind missing that part of the cold at all.

Hum, I think might prefer a little mud over the cold right now. Though frozen mud is good, the cold part isn't.

Moving is going well, only lost a few things and working on a card table with my computer in the old office today. Tomorrow it's unpacking in the new office and it's a jeans day! Which means I can wear warm clothes too ;0)

Later gators...