Friday, March 13, 2009

Finally, maybe

Okay, the move is sort of done. I'm excited to be downtown now, though the drive into work is about 5 mins longer. Still working on the fastest route, but at least I'm an early bird so that means less traffic in the am and not having to beat everyone out the door at 5.

Found all of my boxes. Let me tell you, the next time you move, take this advice. Label each room with a number and then put that number on your boxes. The movers just dropped each box in the correctly numbered room. Fresh paint, new carpet and our own spaces, not working right on top of each other anymore.

I'll try to post some photos of the office in the next few days. And I will make sure to get a photo of the entire gang during the SaPaDaPaSo events.

Otherwise, same old same old. Alec is heading up to the show today to get grooming. Dogs to wash tonight-I guess the brownish mud colored highlights aren't apealling to judges? So many things to do, so little time, but I do plan on getting to bed early-it's been a long week.

Forgot--the local news was showing pictures of the snow in Fargo, ND a couple of days ago and I thought of you Garrett. At least it's business? FYI-should be 40 here today and 50 tomorrow ;0) No snow on the ground anywhere either. heehee

Later gators....

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