Saturday, February 21, 2009

One pissed off puppy

All is not well in the household. That's an understatement. Huge one. There's a certain puppy that is carrying a grudge against me. All I get is evil glares. Seems it has something to do with a dremel-thank God she didn't try to eat it this time but did pout pretty well. But I actually think it has something to do with a thin little piece of nylon called a show lead.

I've never had one think that light weight thread was as evil as it was. We drag it behind the couch and have a pitty party for hours. Or sit on the couch, head between our paws pleading for mercy. Today was worse. I actually made her walk with me through the kitchen. Bribes of BBQ chicken helped but the main goal was to pretend that the floor was the deep dark ocean and if we touched it, we sank. So her trip through the kitchen went from the dog water bowls, the mat, to the rug by the sink and then to the safe haven of Hope's food dishes. Isn't this just pathetic?

And to think, she's got three weeks to kick the spoiled child act and start acting like a show dog. This one will be an uphill battle. Well, all I can say is that she is still showing all the same prospects for obedience and herding work that she did at 7 weeks. Now to make her think all that upcoming work is her idea and not mine.
Later gators....


Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

OMG! I nearly fell out of my easy chair laughing at Merlot. Well all I can say is...Good luck!

Dawn said...

Ohh poor pathetic little pupper. How awful it must be. TEEHEE I am sure she will get it sooner rather than later, but with that expression I may be wrong.

Sherilyn said...

I still say, "Paybacks, honey, paybacks!" :) hehe After Bear's "crocodile death roll" with the lead when he came to live with us, and his bouncing around the ring the first weekend out in St. Paul, it's all worth it. ;)

She's still a cutie! See you in Dubuque!


Cindy said...

Paybacks, yeah, gotcha. At least your's doesn't hold a grudge.

Sherilyn said...

True...he loves me no matter what, but spends most of the day "sucking" up to his daddy Boo. It's disgusting!! I need to try to get a video of it to post. He's such a clown! :)

Hopefully the LS will outgrow her grudge.

Sharrie said...

I am adding Garrett's dog blogs to my list since I'm infatuated with Cardi's. Your picture is a hoot. AND......I finally found someone else who watches "The Big Bang". Hmmmmm....similarities. We have two tri rough collies.