Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fits him to a "t"

As you might know, I won the "name that yucky looking thing that Shaker brought in" contest on Kim's blog. I immediately recognized the very professional skinning of a tennis ball. In return, I got a copy of "Control Unleashed". Now I was in the process of ordering my own copy, so it saved me step and the book came in the mail yesterday!!!!!

Of course it would be helpful to finish a few books in progress before I started this one, bu once I opened the cover, well I couldn't put it down all night and thank GOD, Big Bang and 2 1/2 Men were repeats. Jane Eyre, Nora Roberts and the Complete Jane Austin can wait a while.

So just in the spirit of passing on a smidge of what I got out of the first night's read, well, you tell me who this might fit... Talking about reading your dog and she asks us to think about why our dog would disenage during a training session or when we ask them to do something. Here's the paragraph... "A lot of people assume their dogs are just disobedient when they disengage. Instead the handler should look at both the dog and the training structure. Is the dog stressed or simply done and needs a break? (Hummmm--needs a break?) Does the training structure simply not work for that dog so he seeks out better things to do with his time?(again, HUMMM, wonder who she could be talking about-seeking out better things to do?) Whatever is going on, the handler needs to do a lot of adjusting to help the dog succeed. "

The chapter goes on but as I was reading it, I glanced down to the floor on the left of the chair and well dear old Moosie was hanging out there. I flashed back to the DMOTC trial and his off leash heel pattern and his - later gator look- as he wandered around the ring looking for something else to do. The interesting thing about this book-CONTROL UNLEASHED, is that it's not just for a reactive dog or a dog that needs additional behavioral attention before he can continue to perform, but it's for me and Moose, who just need a little help in connecting. I might add, it doesn't help that Moose is an actor and thinks he needs to do a little improv performance for his fans.

Thanks to Sarah and Kim for turning me on to this book. I've got my work cut out for me but I also now understand that it's not fair to a dog to "make them just get over it" or to push them constantly over their threshold, playing on the old training theory that a dog will eventually get it if you repeat it enough times. I'm finding that there are more ways to ruin a dog then I ever thought possible. I see people who claim to train actually have a total lack of understanding of dogs in general. Right, Kim and Russ CGC??

I so want to get back to reading the book tonight but it's road trip time. Can't wait to tell you where when I get back!

Later gators....


Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Yes, and in that vein it makes so much more sense why Russ was more successful in the supportive environment at Petsmart than with the formal instructor. Which is why we are going back for distraction purposes only to PSmart. Yep I am a fan and intend to use the principles spelled out with the next addition to our ever growing family.

manymuddypaws said...

CU is a fantastic book- there are LOTS of great ideas and tips in there! enjoy the read!

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

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