Thursday, January 15, 2009

We did it!!

And I'm not proud of this win either. We recorded the coldest temperature on record to date in Cedar Rapids last night. And yes it was warm compared to what Garrett posted this morning for Perham, MN. But for us, -29 below is well, cold enough. Windchill was around -52. All the stock horses have blankets, Torey's begging for his boots. The clydes are taking it in stride-don't even seem to notice that it's colder then you know what. I swear hell froze over, it's that cold. The cat has her hay tunnels and is very happy, the ducks are not. The dogs, stir crazy as they have nothing to do and no place to really run. They are in and out in less then 5 mins. Too darn cold.

And what am I doing this weekend, yeap, dog show. Go figure, I must have completely lost it. I might arrive in my sweats and several layers, but I am sticking to my pledge of keeping it professional and will have my suit at the show site where it will all nice and warm.

Been running the Tahoe every 12 hours or so, love it, starts right up. But a victim has been found-forgot I had some CAW in the truck from the last show. Planned on taking it this weekend, but it too got too cold. Now my truck smells like peaches. Luckily it was in the compartment between the seats, so not much spilled. Guess I have to make another run to the store before I leave for Rus and Sherilyn's.

Keep warm!!

Later gators.....


Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Wee Haa that is cold. We wer -20 this morning. Last time we had this kind of cold was 1993--coldest day of record was the day we adopted Nick -24!

Hey I'm thinking I was pretty smart not to enter this weekend now. Had it all planned!


dreameyce said...

Too bad they don't make dressy ski suits you could wear in the ring ;) heehee

I do NOT envy the weather out that way! I've never, not once been in weather under -9 (I believe that was what NY was one year I was visiting family). I can't even imagine it!

Sherilyn said...

Yup, we were at -22 this morning when I looked at the thermometer in the van on the way to work. Too friggin' cold, for sure!!

Warm chili is going to taste mighty good this weekend! Got almost all the stuff to make it tomorrow night...planning on 20 quarts in the slow cooker, and maybe a stock pot full, too. Bring your appetite!

As for the CAW, we can always make a run to the newest Hy-Vee in West Des has an AWESOME liquor department, so I'm sure we can find something we like there. :)

Can't wait!! Have a safe trip!