Monday, January 19, 2009

Friends and Family

What a weekend! Did you know you can go to a dog show without even entering one of your own dogs and still end up as busy as everyone else? Yes I missed the entries-been so goofy at home that I forget what day it is or even the time. I'm wearing my watch religiously now. So I went with the GSP, Dove, hopes of meeting up with a new client dog and plans of having fun.

Everyone in the new client's house is sick, so no little toy dog this weekend. No biggy-the entry entry pulled as there was only one point anyway. The GSP named Promise is a riot and totally sold me on NOT having one of those as a family dog. Alec showed the over exhuberant boy and then handed him off to another handler who is showing him down south for a month. And the cardigans, Ms Dove came along for the ride and do the fun match, which we ended up blowing off. Helped Rus, Sherilyn, Kim J and the rest of the gang with showing those all weekend. All in all, it was a blast and no worries on my part about having anything but fun.

I learned over the last almost 2 years, how important friends are and what real friends should be. Sherilyn and I laughed last night about our "family" and how nice it is to have such a diverse group yet so caring and loving. We don't really care who wins, we cheer for everyone and since it's "all in the famil", we all benefit in the end.

So this weekend, I bunked at Hotel Mumme. And was it a full house? YES! Garrett and his girls, Marla and Pongo the Puli and Cindy B and Emily. Add in the Chili Supper guests and some great food, well it lasted till late in the evening both nights. Thanks to Rus and Sherilyn and can not wait until February-and yes I have my entries in already!!!

Anyway, we have dogs all over, puppies running crazy, food, spirits, conversation and how many AOM's was that Emily? Watched dog show DVD's, and laughed even harder at the moments caught of people doing things outside the ring then inside. The chili was great as well as all the other goodies. Enough to take for lunch on Sunday.

Again, thanks to everyone who came, showed, ate and conversed. That's exactly what it should be about, Friends and Family. To those that won--congratulations!!!! And yes, we made it home in one piece, but this weather thing has got to stop. Iowa City to Cedar Rapids on the way home was ugly as well as the drifts on my road. Pulling in the driveway was such a relief. Though I am already packing for the next show!!!!

Later gators......


Anonymous said...

Living with GSPs I can tell you about them and they are DIFFERENT from Cardigans. I love/loved my shorthairs but they are NUTS.

Cindy said...

Nuts is an understatement with this boy. He's way too friendly and in a tight show like we had this weekend, he went into sensory overload walking to the ring. Fun, but I'll stick with me cardis and collies.