Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year and starting fresh

Sitting in my robe with my hair in a towel, I'm debating on what I should do first. Should I get dressed, sweep and mop? Or do I throw some laundry in then start vacuuming? It's always hard to get started off on the right foot each morning. Same with the new year.

I promised myself that I would make attempts to improve myself-exercise, diet and spiritually. I would also look back at my errors, learn from them BUT not dwell on them and say how can I change it for the better? Honestly, I think I am making the move in the right direction, at least making a small step.

We went to a big dog show this weekend. Trundle off like the Beverly Hillbillies, stowing just about anything we could in the new Tahoe. Seriously, I am looking for something bigger but haven't found the right one yet--that's another blog post. Up to the cold and snowy north of St Paul, MN. Now let me remind myself that it's either been nasty cold or extremely enjoyable weather when traveling up there. Started out nice but turned ugly by Saturday night. But I digress to the point of this post. I love to win, no doubt, everyone does, but I am just as gracious when someone else does. So this year I was going to go out of my way to make sure that who ever won, I said a sincere congrats to.

Isn't there a theory called pass it on? One good dead leads to one if not two more. Which in turn makes those who do the good dead pass on the spirit of hope, the spirt of love and the spirt of faith? That's my goal-my sincere congrats will in turn make that person feel better about themselves, then be able to pass it on. Now can I be blunt? I will continue to pass on this hope to others, but after this weekend, I know that there are a few people out there in this world that are so cold and hard and genuinely lost, that it won't ever affect them. I was looked dead in the eye by people such as this and sneared at when I won. I was openly thrown an upturned nose, bumped into and rudely blocked and made to go way around people, by such people. But you know what, looking down at what I had written- to become a better person in the New Year, I sucked it down deep, asked God to look after those lost souls and when they won, made sure it was heard loud, how sincere I was and happy that they had won.

Funny thing is, all it got me was a bite in the ass. Go figure! I hope that those wins make you happy and it should. I hope and pray that you take them as a treasure and cherish those times during the bad ones. I know I certainly do. And I know what humble pie tastes like. Had a whole bunch of that.

Hoping that in this New Year that you have health, wealth and joy. Remember it's not all about I it's about us and that what we do for ourselves, not only reflects onto others, but also should be for others.

Later gators....


coopercreek said...

I always try to congratulate the winners, too. Sometimes I'm not fast enough and they are already on the other side of the ring. Sorry you were snubbed at. At least you made the attempt. Congrats on your win.

Sherilyn said...

Yes, we all need to remember to congratulate the other winners...that's what being a good sport is all about. I taught and drilled that to my kids I coached in sports for 12 years, and we, as adults, should be setting the example to the Jr Handlers in the dog show world. Sometimes we forget about that side of the sport...we may not agree with the judges decision every time, BUT, ultimately, it IS their decision, that day, and we need to smile and accept it. Another day, another dog show, and at the end of the day, we need to remember that it IS just a game, and move on to the next challenge. The most important part is the fellowship with our old friends and new friends, because who else would understand our curious relationship with these 4 legged critters but other dog people? We all love each other because of our common love of our animals. Let's keep it that way! :)

Congrats to all the winners this past's to more ribbons at the next event!