Monday, December 29, 2008

Update on new office equipment

Also known as Merlot......

I think I found her mute button but it's only actived when Frankie sits on her head. As far as the Shredder-damn thing must be battery operated, nuclear at that. Can't shut it off for anything. Now it's diving into the toys and destuffing them, attacking the plants, and today it was the toilet brush. All end up in her hoarding spot behind the couch.

Right now I'm search for my lost slipper. If you see a nice deep red one, send it my way please. My left foot is getting cold.

Later gators.....

1 comment:

Sherilyn said... extra charge for the built in paper shredder! Just think of how much you can recycle this way! ;) hehe NO worries on destroying those documents before throwing away...Lolo can be your personal shredder!

Hugs! See you Thursday! Can't wait!