Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I've been tagged

Penni got me and I've been so busy baking that I just haven't had a moment to post my reply.

Here's the deal, and it's a simple one, six things I like--or should I say, that the dogs and I like:

1. Dad being home. It was such a pain last year with all his travel that we really like it when David stays home with us.

2. Cooking those yummy cookies-the dogs wanted to add, especially those liver ones. Clairee spent the day dead center in the kitchen floor, always available to try out the leftovers that didn't fit in the freezer bag.

3. The ducks--mom bought us ducks and they are so much more fun to harass then those stupid horses.

4. Doing therapy work--this is Moose's choice. Though the ice storm canceled his appearance at school today, we will make it up next week. He loves nothing more then getting all those belly rubs, ear pulls and giving slurpy kisses to anyone who comes along.

5. Snuggling down with a good book. Lots of time to read lately and gosh, I forgot how much I missed it. A good cup of tea to go along with it and I'm set for the day.

6. Last but not least, having a loving family and great friends to share this with.

Tag you're it!!!!

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Later gators......

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