Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas in LeClaire

First I must apologize for not wishing everyone in Blogger land a Merriest of Christmas'! We did the usual sprint to finish up shopping between storms and then hit all the appropriate stops to visit our families on Christmas Eve. Christmas Day is reserved for us and we stay home, open presents, enjoy traditional waffles and fruit for breakfast then make a big meal to munch on the rest of the day. David's dad, Dick and Jackie come over, then my parents stop by to see what the grandkids and dogs got from Santa. I think the Nerf guns and Mp3 players were a big hit, though the college kid did like the new coffee pot, cups, thermos and a year's supply of coffee.

For me, it was great too as the Flood of 08 nearly wiped out David's usual shopping spots for me. Luck had it that my favorite store in the world, just reopened last week! Walk in there and get me anything and I am happy. It's of course the Czech Cottage down in the Village. I have new cut class Czech eggs, a hand decorated real egg and an Iowa ear of corn wooden one. Add in the new Boyd's Moose to the collection-his name is appropriate-Moosie Moose, and I was happy.

But it's more about the sharing of time with friends and family that makes me happier. We trekked down to LeClaire IA on Friday to celebrate a little Christmas cheer with Kim, Kathy, Momma Rose and Nick. Nick's birthday was on the 26th too, so he and Meredith planned it all out. Dinner, wine, cake and of course a sleep over for the kids. Moose, Lace, Frankie and Merlot came along to entertain us all. And entertain they did! Kim had her camera ever ready and I know if you go over to the Cardi Capers blog that you will find some good pictures posted later. Let's see, Frank and Merlot at the top of the forbidden stairs, Merlot harassing Russ, Merlot hoarding toys behind the tree, Lacey looking torqued at having to deal with the cardi kids. Her whole purpose in attending was to help Shaker with his big dog issues, well, he took one look at her and rolled over, bellied up and said I give. I think he remembers her and knows not to piss the blue dog off.

We enjoyed, okay more then enjoyed Momma Rose's Italian cooking. And I truely know why Kathy doesn't cook-when you have an Italian Chef in residence, why do you need to? Dinner was awesome and Nick's cake was too. Oh chocolate bunt cake-ummm. So good that when I called this morning to say the ice storm would prevent us from safely retrieving the Mss, Nick and Meredith had it for breakfast.

The dogs were angels, for the most part. Moose really didn't want to go home, he had his spot reserved on the couch. Music was happy to have her Frankie for the evening, even if that meant sharing him with the other dogs. Russ was his ever voiceful self, letting us know exactly how he felt about the baby being there. Shaker was slightly miffed as the baby Merlot also told him what she thought him-not much. Tell you what, that darn puppy in a matter of minutes had taken charge of the house and it's inhabitants. Not going to worry about her at all.

Gifts exchanged-Meredith got enough songs to load up the Mp3 player, Alec's set for coffee and Nick is nice and warm in his new Hawkeye blanket. Me-love it when people get in cahoots together. After the Rochester show and the demise of my 17 yr old crockpot, David and Kim worked it out so that I got a new crockpot!!! The rule is that it doesn't go in the shower stall for storage unless we have sewer hook up in the RV. Any suggestions for what to cook in it first? I'm thinking black eyed peas and ham hocks for the new year then take some up to the Show in St Paul?

The ride home was uneventful, except for the FOG! Goodness, think as pea soup and wind moving it all over. Wish we could have seen the river on the way out, would have been beautiful at night, but we even had a hard time finding the center line on the road. Dogs were super tired and slept the entire way. I hear that Nick and Meredith didn't sleep much, with Meredith passed out sleeping right now. I can't tell you how nice it is to have such good friends to spend time with. Thanks for such a wonderful evening!

So with Christmas wrapped up, we are now heading towards the new year. 2008 was a wild one to say the least. Hoping that we don't repeat any of it in 2009. Looking forward to the dog shows, horses shows, fun, food and wine with friends. Oh the excitement of it all, but gotta get through the winter safely first.

Hugs to all and if I don't get anything else posted before the new year-Happy New Year to everyone!!

Later gators.....


Winjammin' said...

Glad to hear that you had a great day in LeClaire and that the kids got all they wanted for Xmas. Also happy that all the 4 legged kids had a good day and that Merlot told everyone where to go ;o). Wish she was a little more outgoing ;o).

Hugs and see you in less than a week.

Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Oh and we must not forget the wonderful new crate mats for the Corgis 3--Music is especially appropriate--piano keys!

What a wonderful evening and a wonderful 2 night sleep over. And yes I admit it, I fed the children the breakfast of champions--cake!

See ya soon,