Friday, October 10, 2008


Let me introduce you to Snookie aka Moose. For those of you who have never met him, you don't know what you are missing. This photo was taken when he was about 5 months old and no that's not a rat sleeping with him but Alec and Meredith's brussels-Ace. A big red brindle dog with a fairy kiss on his forehead. Solid, nothing fat about him(well he did have to go on a small diet after sucking up to the Head Cook at the Gibson Ranch this summer). Easily amused and equally at home in the show ring, the creek or my lap.

Early on, Moose and I formed a bond. I had lost my first heart dog some years ago and well, no one had really been able to fill the hole till Moose. Granted, I often joke that he has no loyalty-open an RV door and he's in and ready for a road trip-even if I am not going along. But he has become my shadow at home, always within arms reach. I've noticed as of late, he's always in the same room, sits so that he can always see me. Or launch himself onto my lap. Curled up in bed in the crook of my legs or stretching out his full length with his head on my pillow. Thank God he doesn't snore.

Yes he is BIG. His name suits him to a T. I even have moose themed collars for him and working on finding the tracking harness in the same pattern. 42lbs of cardigan. I totally know where he got that from, not his mom but his dad. And he inherited his personality from his dad too. Goofy, clownish, hugable, and that grin. Oh can Moose grin. Hit the right spot on his belly and it creases right up to his eyes.

Moose has both his AKC and Canadian championships. But those don't mean as much to me as the other titles at the east end of his name. He was a total goof in the ring but managed to get his Rally Novice-one leg by me and two legs by my dear friend Kerri Carter(substitue handler when I couldn't attend the show). He's got his Canine Good Citizen but more importantly he has his Therapy Dog International certification. Nothing better for a body then a big ol'dog. He loves to go to the library for reading sessions, demonstrations on dog safety with school age kids and the hugs at the nursing homes. You can see the joy in his eyes.

Last night we decided to tackle another title and after nuking the hotdogs and finding the flags, the gloves and the harness, we went out for a little refresher on tracking. I am blessed to have areas on both sides of the driveway that are hay fields and haven't been touched in about a month. I laid 3 tracks-one in short grass, then a 15 yd and 20 yd track in taller grass. Aged them about 15 mins then went to work. The first one in tall grass was just a refresher but it only took two strides for him to hit the end of the lead and start pulling me to the article. Good boy, Snookie! 2nd one was a little longer and even better, skipped the hotdogs in a few places and went right to the end with a good hard pull. Last one was the short grass and I just wanted him to have a good long straight shot-bam, by this time it was aged about 20 mins and he went along like a pro. A little refresher on down at the articles and yipee, I see another title looming in the distance for the big guy. Well three or four titles-herding lessons starting soon, more work towards his CD, then we will work on, gulp, agility? Definately not his strong suit but we can try. Oh and forgot, he's also jumping into the juniors ring now-Meredith is proud to finally be able to lift him up on the table, and of course, he eats up the attention.

I don't think he's ever meet a person he doesn't like, nor is there a person who's met him that hasn't fallen in love. I do believe that he has offers from about a dozen people who say, if you ever need to find him a home.... I thought about it once or twice, but then realized that my life would not be the same without him.

So here's to you Snookie! In my opinion, size doesn't matter, unless it's the size of your heart, which is as big as they get!

Later gators....



Winjammin' said...

Here's to Moose...a dog for all seasons and activities (and my personal Nationals nap buddy :o) )


penni said...

Tracking with our Cardis is THE BEST. Have a wonderful time. There will be tracking at the Topeka Nationals -- perhaps you'll have him ready?

Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Good job Moose buddy! Three cheers for a great dog! Sincerely,
Head Chef at the Gibson Ranch (aka Kim)

Traci said...

what a lovely tribute to a seemingly awesome dog! :) I hope I have the pleasure of meeting Moose someday! :)

Cindy said...

Not counting any ribbons yet but I think if we can get some serious work in this fall, he might just be ready to track in Kansas in the spring!

He truly is one of a kind. I would be lost with out him.

Sarah said...

Keep going with tracking, we'll have a really great tracking site and judges for the CWCCA specialty. It'll be in Smithville, MO, which hosts some of the largest tracking tests in the country. :-)

Sherilyn said...

I have to admit, Moose and I bonded back when he was a puppy (I had the pleasure of hanging on to him for Cindy when she had another dog in the ring, and even thought I had to hide from Phantom when I held Moose (Phantom is SUCH a Momma's boy and at that time did not share!), Moose became another one of my favorite Cardigans. He and Eddie (or Edweirdo as we fondly call him) joined Rus and I, Phantom and Emmy this year to Nationals, until Cindy and Meredith could join us later in the week. He is a true joy and yes, if he ever needed a home he could come stay with us. He and Phantom are now buddies, which, at the time, for anyone that knows Boo, was a remarkable feat! He did not like other males at that time, but he does now, thank you Cindy and Moose! :)

Hugs to you, Moose...42lbs or 50lbs, you are ALL heart and we love you!

Good luck on those next titles...I hope I'm there when you add a few more initials to your name!

Aunt Sherilyn