Monday, October 13, 2008


I send home instructions with all the puppies-how to feed, recommended toys, training tips and then a note that your puppy is adapted to our schedule and it might take a few days to acclimate to your family's routine.

Might I note that our schedule starts pretty darn early, as in 4:30am on work days with David getting up and letting the first wave of dogs outside. Ask Kim, it's not a pleasant experience especially when your not a morning person! So I often get calls or emails about how early the puppy gets up. Now, I have started warning new families, really early in the game, about this little quirk. Then I hand them Kim's email and explain that she has it down to a science after dog #2 from us. I think she might be starting up a consulting service for those new to the game.

See, David loves mornings, the earlier the better. Let dogs out, take shower, do barn chores, get Meredith going and then waking me up later, much later. If I have to deal with anyone, then I refuse to get up. If I don't have to seriously function, I can do early mornings, but really prefer sleeping in. Though this morning I was jolted out of bed when a wet Eddie sprung from the floor and landed on my head instead of somewhere further down the bed.

Now you might ask, does he use an alarm? Yes and no. We are both in the habit of getting up just before the alarm goes off, but if we fail to set it, need not worry. One or more the the dogs, when nature calls, will stand on your chest, stare at you from the edge of the bed or start huffing, moaning or in the case of the puppies-in particular Frank, howling. On weekends we attempt to sleep in. It can work, the key - don't move. Then moment your eyes flicker, you change position in the bed or yawn, it's over.

Yesterday, we were supposed to get up early to get out of the house by 8 to get to Des Moines to squeeze puppies. Frank, Torch, Dovey and Trouble all started a barber shop quartet-the harmony was awesome, the timing wasn't. I think David said it was 6am. He got up, let them out, laid back down on his heating pad(another post about the huge gravel pile in the pasture) and fell back to sleep. I think the rest of the crew was cold and had hunkered down in the bed. We got up at 7:50-so much for an early start.

So as a warning to anyone considering one of our dogs or puppies, if you are not a morning person, you had better talk to Kim about the 4 easy steps she's patented to train them to get up later. Or you better become one, 4:30am is awfully early.

Later gators....



Sherilyn said...

LOL Yes, 4:30am is MUCH too early! It only took us a few days to get Bear to adapt to our schedule, however, so not too bad. :) Now if we can get Ruby and the babies on OUR schedule and not their own, we'll be good to go. I'm not holding my breath on that one for a few weeks, however.

So glad you, David and Meredith came down was wonderful to see you again! Glad to see Meredith is getting back to her old self! ( could I tell? I think the fact that she burrowed into the dog tunnel with one of the dog pillows had something to do with it, then giggled (among other things) when the dogs ambushed her from both ends of the tunnel. Too cute!) Does my heart good to hear her giggle like that again! :)

Hugs to all! Thanks again for the visit yesterday, late start or not! We weren't going anywhere, so no biggie! You're welcome anytime!


Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Yep they aren't kidding 4:30am on the nose. And yes indeed after I got the first dog to morph to my schedule, I started writing notes. But I still had a couple of bone jarring mornings with Shaker who can set up a howl like none other. But I am pleased to report that all 3 of my clowns sleep at least until 9!

Jinnie said...

That is just wrong! 4:30AM?

Cindy said...

To make it worse, we have a full moon right now, so as soon as the light floods the room, it's a lost cause. I think this morning it was 3:30!!!