Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Late Night TV and Sleep Disruptions

I'm posting this for the dear hubby, poor guy, can't get a break.

I title and write the following as kind of tongue and cheek. But there is certain knowledge or skeptical belief's that I am not comfortable with.

Ok, here is the premise. I am in bed sleeping and the TV was left on to Night Line. A respectable news vehicle to many. Half a sleep I hear about air craft and things that where heard and seen. Then comes the end of the news feature. The punch lines that wrap up the story. This one as delivered by a older gentleman that sounds wise and distinguished. Half a sleep I hear something like this. The gentleman says, " The existence of UFO's has been buried and hid by the use of reticule. Gradually we are seeing the governments realize that discloser is the way that it has to be. This is being carried out now. We are being primed to the idea of the existence of UFO's. When the public is ready, we while be given the formal statement. "

WHAT!!!!???? WHAT!!!!????

To this I wake up wide eye and run to the TV. High stepping agilely around all the sleeping dogs which I sense are around. I did step on a chew bone. I ignore the pain. I grab the TV with both hands hoping it would rewind the news feature. I hope to hear more clarification. Instead, the next story comes on about Madonna's new clothing line or the most recent trend in cell phone use. So, I go back to bed. But not entirely asleep. Now I have a suspicious eye cast to the skies out side my window.


And this gives you another sense of what I deal with each and every day.

Later gators.....

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