Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Diary of a Foster Dog--tumor results

My foster mom just got the most exciting call - my tumor was benign!!! Yippeee, that means that once my stitches come out this weekend, that as FM Cindy says, I will be on the fast track to a forever home. WOW-still gotta let that sink in-my very own forever home.

So anyway, it's been a little crazy since my last post. Seems that the humans here-Cindy and Meredith got in a bad car accident last Thursday. Moose and Eddie were with them when she t-boned a farm wagon. Needless to say that neat suburban is toast, Meredith has some owies and FM Cindy has been worring a lot about her. That's okay, I've been on my best behavior. Moose gave me the details and yes, he's fine too. Always worry about my best boy friend ;0) So I've been not jumping and begging for quiet hugs.

I've also learned a lot in the last week. My new name is very becoming but there are times I totally forget that it is my name and go blazing through the house at mach 10 with someone calling "Carly-come". Nah, that thrill of slidding sideways through the kitchen is way too much fun. I'm also being a good girl and letting the humans know when I need to go out and go "busy". FM Cindy says that makes it much easier for me to find a forever home, especially if I have manners. Now the only thing that puzzles me is this huge box in the front room. It's always talking and changing colors and shapes and what not. Man, not my cup of tea. I'll hang out in the kitchen where all the good smells are.

So from now on it's getting myself ready to impress visitors. I really liked it when Auntie Kim came and visited last week--Moose said that she's the most awesome person and the perfect person to suck up too. Boy was he right!!! He said something about being a sucker for a cute and innocent face. Now I must beg to differ about him having an innocent face, cute maybe but innocent? My bunny butt he is!

Corgi kisses,

(Editor's note: Yes it's true, her tumor is benign, which means she now has a clean bill of health. With her stitches and staples out, Carly will be working on some obedience-sit, down and stay. Then it's just patitently waiting for her "forever angels" to come by and adopt her. If you are interested at meeting Carly or inquiring about the vacant angel position-please email me at


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your "clean bill of health" Carly! Now you can find your forever home like I did! :)

Hugs to you!


Carly said...

I can't wait to find my forever home, though Camp Cindy has some great things going for it. Know what I found yesterday??? THE CAT! And it's a big'un. Spent all evening hanging out at the door to it's room. I was prepared too-I went all around the house and picked up all the toys and blankets. Then I made a little bed by the door so I could wait for it's paw to come out from under the door. Talk about fun!

Corgi Kisses to you!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhhhh...I love "playing" with the cat! My Grandma used to have a cat named "Tink", and when Dad and I first moved to Iowa we lived with Grandma until Mom got moved up here. Tink and I used to play chase the kitty...well, I loved it, not so sure if Tink did or not. hehe Tink would hide under the kitchen table and I would run circles around the table, pretending to "get" her, and she would swipe at me with her paw. Boy, that was SO much fun! Then Tink would try to climb the furniture, but she didn't know that I was a furniture climbing Pembroke, so I could get almost anywhere she could! Great memories!! :) Unfortunately, Tink had to be sent to the Rainbow Bridge, where ever that is, but Grandma said I could play with her one of these days when it's my turn to go to the Rainbow Bridge, but she said that wouldn't be for a long, long time. So I guess I'll just have to wait until we come back to Aunt Cindy's and I can teach you how to play the chase games, if you're still there. You'll love those games!!

Hugs for now,