Sunday, June 8, 2008

They have arrived!

Leave it to Marg to make things dramatic. It's just her style. We are proud to announce the arrival of 9 very health cardigan puppies in the very early morning hours of June 7th. Get this-8 boys and 1 girl. Ugh, but oh well, as a breeder you just have to deal with what you are given. Might just be the next top dog in that group, regardless it's a male or female.

On Friday night, Marg decided to start all on her own. I had all kinds of plans for Saturday-get the whelping box up and cleaned. Get the towels stacked by the box, go through the whelping supplies and see what David had stolen for the horse first aid kit. Shave Marg's butt and belly, trim her nails way back, have milk replacer mixed in case, etc. Those of you who breed or have had puppies know the routine. Throw those plans out the window. Due to the size of the litter and the # of puppies, we had already planned on going to Doc's for a c-section. But with one little male puppy out, Doc wanted to see if she could do the rest too. But by 2:00 in the morning after runs to the clinic for oxy shots and no sleep at all, the troups were called in and we headed to Doc's. My wake up call to her resulted in lots of mumbles and some comment about-Didn't we discuss that if we are going to do this, it would be in the daylight hours? and a I'm going back to bed call me at 7. At least I can say she has a good sense of humor at 2am.

We get there with Marg, Alisa is along and David too. Waiting for us are Doc, Jen, her boyfriend, Rhonda and a couple others. More then enough puppy rubbers in the house. The comment goes that there was fresh coffee in the pot, more then enough chocolate and boys beware, hormonal women up at an unreal time in the morning. Man I love that office, everyone is ready for the fun at any time of the day or night.

So the poor little first born is complaining in the warming box because he's all alone, but need not worry, he is soon joined by the other eight. All puppies arrived healthy, crying and ready to meet the world. Gave Marg something else to lick as the first puppy had had more then his fair share of it. Upon looking at sexes and hearing an OMG out of me, Doc said, well you didn't tell me to just pull out the girls. Ha ha. We have some very nice reds or sables, red brindles, black brindles, and might have one or two good blacks. Some unusual markings, lots of white ears, fairy dots and well, yes we have two boys who are significantly mismarked. White heads with just a few large spots on them.

Marg is very slow to come out of the gas, we are doing some more research on this medicine and cardigans. It's the same stuff used on Eddie in February and same type of delay in getting back to the real world. But after making sure her vitals are good and strong, off we go at 4:30 to home and getting everyone settled in. Wow what a night. I was nice and kind and let Alec sleep through it all but once he got up at 7, I was off to bed. Can't sleep as I'm usually up and at work by this time of the day. So best I could muster was about 2 hours, then up it was. Check on babies, make sure Marg is fine. Get in the shower and off to teach a clinic all afternoon in Jones Cty for their 4-H kids. I was running on nothing by 5 when I got home. Then Big Brown lost his Triple Crown bid. Bummer. Still awake, now it's time to batten down the hatches for the next round of storms.

Thankfully, having been under the watchful eye of Meredith for the day, Marg is performing all on her own. Finally eating, drinking and all that jazz. Puppies are nice and fat bellies all around. I went to bed and that was that. Up once to let Marg out between the horrendous storms, back to bed and would you believe I didn't get up until 9:30! I feel much better now.

So there you have it. The Jimmy Buffet litter has arrived. Wishing there were more girls, but oh well, this too has a reason. I know Kim is beyond tickled--she wanted a new boy and man does she have lots to choose from. For now the girl will be staying here. See how she matures. Her name is Dove-she has a white marking on her neck that looks like a dove in flight. One of the boys is Salty, he has two brindle spots on his head like a salt shaker-ie his registered name will be Summjammin FB Lost Shaker of Salt--cute-heehee! The rest, will just come as we get to know them better.

Keep checking back for more updates as the little pups start maturing. This is going to be fun. Also check out the website for weekly photo updates.

Later gators.....



Anonymous said...

Congrats Marg! I can't believe that I am an aunt again! And to all of those boys! My mom says to check your calendar-the babies couldn't have been born on the 12th. I don't know what that means... Love, Bryn

Barb here. Keep posting baby pics. There are never enough pics of corgie babies. FYI, My pem Buckley was the only girl in a litter of 9. Dove will be very special! Love to all. Barb

Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Congrats to Marg, Boo, Cindy and the whole crew. You are absolutely right--I couldn't be happier! Bring on those boys. Cheers, Kim

Cindy said...

Oops, thanks Bryn. That's what I get for doing the post with no sleep. Got it fixed now.

Puppies are doing great, Mom is doing a perfect job, so all I have to do is sit back and enjoy.

Dove is indeed special and has a whole bunch of brothers to watch over her.

Hey Russ---how many little brothers did you want?

Cindy, Marg and the gang

Sherilyn said...

Congrats to our girl Marg! Boo sends his love, and he decided to dedicate his Group 2 in Moberly, MO to his beloved and the new kids. Don't worry...he'll be around to show them the ropes and get into all kinds of trouble, I'm sure. ;)

Can't wait to see everyone! We missed you this weekend!

the other Proud Grandparents
Rus & Sherilyn
Proud Papa Phantom
and the rest of the Corgi Crew...
Duchess, Ruby, McDreamy, Emmy and the new tailess wonder, Ransom

Russ said...

Hey Cindy and Mom Marg--

Not sure I want any brothers but Mom says--"No choice Russ--we are growing the family." She also said some nonsense about me learning how to share--whatever that means.

But seriously, hope Mom Marg is doing well and I'll see about how I feel about brothers!

Russ out!