Friday, June 6, 2008

The Ringer and The Blue Bear

Okay, I gotta gush alittle. Isn't that just the cutest thing? Those are my blue eyed babies. Affectionately known as the Ringers around our cluster of show friends, it's a match made in heaven.

I originally got Eddie for me. I had fallen in love with his sire, Picasso and after talking with his breeder about getting a sibling to his sire, I was informed that they had actually bred him to one of their girls. Well I was all on board for that one and in Febuary 07 show at the Des Moines Shows, in walks this super fuzzy blue teddy bear. He melted us right then and there. Took right to Meredith and well, it's all history as they say. Though he loves me, he will do anything for that kid. And tolerates so much rough housing and torture. He loves mud, water, rolling in God only knows what and then jumping in your lap. Once Meredith was able to get him up on the table, she took over his handling duties. After a slight set back due to emergency surgery--Eddie is know to eat things he shouldn't, Meredith and Eddie spent the spring working on that championship title.

Eddie is Meredith's first Champion dog. She put 3, 4 pt majors on him plus a few little single points. He's working on his rally novice title, does junior handling with her and also is starting to herd ducks.

I have to thank Joann for all her support, Emily, Ferris and Tiffany for putting up with me and all those ring side who gave this kid the experience of a lifetime. Thanks Guys!!!!

later gators----

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