Friday, May 2, 2008

there are days and then there are.....

really bad days. I swear if it wasn't the impending doom of more rain, it's that everything either falls apart, gets wrecked or eaten. Yesterday was one of those days.

Let's start with falling apart. Both big trucks need mufflers. Mine only needs the tail pipe reweleded but knowing how it works, they will tell me that I need a whole new exhaust when I go in. David managed to rip off his entire exhaust and crush the muffler in one of those glorious pot holes on our even more glorious gravel roads. Drove past the spot the other day and it looked like a lane for a mud run. I swear, there are now reasons for living in town-solid roads. Note I didn't say smooth-pot holes are pot holes. I just like to have the road not move underneath me. What else has fallen apart? Fence-nope, just Click getting bored and jumping back and forth over the 4 ft fence. Yes, back and forth-remember this is Click the wonder collie.

Wrecked-yes once again, Alec is without a car. Small collision last night pretty much totalled his little cavalier. Called Dad and said, time for a new one and of course then I got to hear about his near accident yesterday. He spent the better part of his day with a fellow driver who had a car cross the median and go under his trailer. Prayers for the family as the young man was killed in the accident. Those are always the scariest as you have no control. As for Alec, bummer that he's not got a vehicle right now, but hoping we can find him something in the next couple of weeks. No one was hurt, only minor damage on the other vehicle that he rear ended. We think the breaks gave on the little purple car.

Now for the dinner options. Would you like pepper on that DVD remote? Moose was doing so good loose during the day and unfortunately it didn't last. All buttons are accounted for on the remote, which of course was the one up on the top of the dresser-he left the universal remote alone that was in the bed-go figure. My question is, first how he managed to get that remote, second how does he manage to create so many small and even pieces out of it. Only Moose. Usually that's a Turner trick, which is why Turner is crated during the day. He's eaten two of them already and attempted a third. Besides the usual items eaten in the house during the week, mostly stuffed toys and crate mats, I'm keeping a very close eye on the cat and making sure she leaves the ducklings alone. Now that would be a complete disaster.

The sunnier side of things are that today's David's birthday, happy forty something Love! Tomorrow is the time honored tradition of mint julieps, big colorful hats and horse racing. Yes it's Derby Day!!! Everything stops in our house during the afternoon. Tape in the vcr to record what might be history in the making(I have ten years worth of history on tape). And wishing I could get David to make a bet on the race. Between Meredith and David, we haven't lost a race in about 6 or 7 years. David, for as long as I have known him, has always been able to pick the top three horses. Fun afternoon and some year, we will actually go and watch it in person.

Later gators....

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