Thursday, May 1, 2008

I finally did it

Broke down yesterday as I was running errands. Broke down that is, and bought plants. Believe me, that is one of my big weaknesses. So after the kennel club meeting-thank you Scot for a short and sweet meeting, I unloaded just a few items at home. Columbine are one of my favorite things, so I have four new unusual varities for the front bed. Then two of David's favorites-delphinium- a nice dark blue and a new variety of Jacob's Ladder-this one is a pale pink with a hint of a very pale indigo. Can't wait to plant them this weekend.

I also day dream as I drive. About as dangerous as other's talking on their cell phones. I passed magnolias in full bloom along Mt Vernon Road. Wish we didn't have so much wind at our place and I would have one. But I did decide what to do in the daylily bed out front-besides add more daylillies, a nice speciman flowering tree. If I can find a Sargent Crab, that's what I really want, it will go there. Might do a redbud-Texas Pink variety or Forest Pansy. Then it's move the barn cupula, transplant the boxwood, find some quaking aspen for a corner and last but not least, the big purchase for plants this year is a nice caliper Bur Oak for an area near the barn.

Forgot about the flowering hedge for along the back yard fence-lilacs, ninebarks, dogwoods, a few viburnums, burning bush(I know it doesn't really flower but need fall color), maybe a buckthorn or two for some height.

Pots to plant-need pansies, David loves salvia and dusty miller, then it's geraniums, no petunias(allergic to those) and what ever else strikes my fancy-oh snapdragons are a must. Cleome, cosmos and such for the beds by the barn.

Did I mention we haven't gone up to Seed Savers yet??

Roses-none to replace this year but I am going to plant a couple hardy climbers by the gate to the back yard. Might even get a magnolia for that area ;0)

Oh goodness, have I gone over board yet? Planting parts of the garden this weekend too.


Later gaters...

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