Monday, April 28, 2008

Where did spring go?

Okay, I'm all for this whole global warming thing going around, but honestly, we had almost 60 inches of snow this winter-2nd highest on record, now it's April 28th and it's supposed to be a low of 28 tonight? Get real. So I dug out an extra blanket, found my wool socks and snuggled down for a good "winter's" nap last night. This morning, even Moose had burrowed under the blanket and after his trip outside, right back under he went.

Spent the weekend running everywhere. First up at God only knows what time to go to Marshalltown. No points available for Edweirdo, but we went to hold breed points for Boo. Now this show site is one of those fickle ones. It's either warm and breezy, wet and breezy or just cold and breezy. Get the trend there? It was 35 degrees in the main building, for most of the day-brrrrrrrrr is in understatement. Thank goodness I didn't have to dress up, poor Meredith was cold all day long, that means it's really cold as she's always running a few degrees warmer then everyone else. I think the dog was even cold. So on we troup-of course Eddie was WD and BOW-no points. Meredith and the blue bear then went to Juniors and wow-a nice 2nd place behind a young man with his near perfect sheltie. Good show. Oh and forgot the Moose went in for obedience-prenovice really. Just to see where we are at and what we need to work on. 191, can't complain though the judge really wanted to give him the cute points for his long down. In typical Moose style, he spent 3 mins laying on his back with his feet in the air. So we are back to working on straight sits and some more focused heeling.

Next stop-airport to pick up David. Wouldn't you know it, not enough pilots in Dallas, so he's late. We decided to spend out time out at the Pet Expo and work the CRKA booth. Moose loves these types of events. Suck up time. Eddie got lots of ohh and ahhhs, he's a magnet with his cuteness. So a couple hours mingling with the crowds and off to get the hubby. Nice to have him home again, at least for a little while. Home ward bound to check on dogs, ducks and ducklings. After the lamp incident on Friday, I am a little worried that I will come home to a burnt out lamp and duck popsicles.

Sunday-for the first time in about 3 weeks-sleep in! Nope, dogs know as soon as David rolls over in the morning, they can work their magic to get a romp outside. Man was it cold, I rolled up in the covers, pulled them over my head and went back to sleep. Sleeping in turned out to be 7:30 and that's all I could get. Into the shower, Moose, Eddie and Turner spent a couple hours romping in the yard and my first look out the front window was horror. Supposed to go to the Pet Expo again Sunday to help out with the K9 Ambassador's program and work the CRKA booth. Eddie and Moose thought they had a day off so went and made mud pies. Then rolled in them. Granted I told Eddie the day before he could get dirty as his next show wasn't for two more weeks, but I didn't think he would feel the need to get that dirty. Sorry no pictures as I was trying to figure out how to work two bathes in to the already tight morning schedule. Anyone seen the Muddy Eddie shot? This time his face is even caked with mud. So I finally get dressed and hair dried, grab a Moose and wash. Don't know where they got all that damn grit but took two shampoos to get it all out. Eddie was worse. I even had him drying on the grooming table and found more dirt-so back in the tub for more scrubbing.

We made it to the Pet Expo, few errands on the way, cleaner dogs - still got a few spots that aren't spotless. Had Clairee along, as well as the two griffs. Moose and Eddie spent the day lounging in front of the table getting lots and lots of pets. Jasper hung out with Meredith and did agility and Ace, well the UBD-aka Ugly Black Dog, got lots of comments and made his little sissy noises, though stayed on his crate perch for the day-very well behaved, still ugly though. It's always fun to meet the crowds, talk dogs and just enjoy the company of other dog lovers. I lost Meredith to the petting zoo, again. She is begging for goats-not going to happen, but we did run into our herding instructor and have Moose signed up for classes in about 3 weeks as well as working on buying a few haired sheep for our place so we can work the dogs at home.

Back home, it just kept getting cooler. Ducklings are all huddled in piles under the lamp. There's another post-I think my ducklings are racist. Run around trying to get things done-dishes in the dishwasher, dinner made, dogs out and about, horses, ducks, oh my, it's Sunday night and I have to go back to work tomorrow. Another weekend shot. And thankfully I resisted the urge to by plants this weekend. They would have froze their little flower heads off tonight! I did check on a few things and my fern leaf peonies are up, so are the regular ones in the hedge area. Cup plant is really growing, and my lily of the valley are popping up - places I didn't think I planted them either? Ah spring has sort of sprung, mud is in the air, on the dogs, in my shoes......will the real spring come foreward----I could use some sun and warm breezes, any time now.

Later gators.....

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Kim said...

Okay the mud dog routine is a killer! Nearly spewed my diet pepsi.