Monday, April 28, 2008


This world is hopeless. I need a password to do everything and anything these days. Heck even logging on to post this blog, since I didn't take my cap lock off, I had to retype my password, again.

I have a password to login on my aol account, one to do the website, one for the student loan website, yahoo email, 4-H website and email, proplan club, lunch account for Meredith at school. I can name dozens more too. The ones I have for work change every 30 days so I have to come up with something easy for me to remember but not something someone else will figure out. What is this world coming too that we are so concerned about our privacy that we forget about honesty and trustworthiness?

I admitt, the other day I even managed to remember part of my locker combination....from high school gym, my freshman year. That was, never mind, just a long damn time ago. All those useless facts stored back in our brains or should I say, taking up space that could be put to better use such as solving world hunger or figuring out if a tree falls in the woods, no one is there to hear, does it still make a sound? Okay, not that much free brain space for me, but I might be able to remember where I put that missing health form for school next year. I mean I know I set it down here but it's now gone??

Is a password worth all the trouble of unlocking all our dirty little secrets? I have nothing to hide but in this day and age of people scheming to get the better of you for no reason other than nothing better to do with their lives, I guess I feel the need to password protect my life. Sad state of affairs, really. Wish people could find meaning in their lives that revolved around good and honest intentions, rather then trying to make their way in the world by scheming and plotting against others.

I have a list of my accounts and passwords. One here at work, one at home. And I know I have some wrong as I had to change them "for security reasons". Ugh, best get back to work. Cap Locks on so I can logon to yet another site and place an order. Now what did I use this week for the password....

Later gators.....

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Kim said...

Amen--passwords and more many I frequently have to have them e-mailed to me! Yesh.