Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fine Print

Sitting be bed last night trying to unwind after the whirlwind of an evening, I realized I'm getting old. Now stop right there, yes I'm within a year or so of cracking 40, not old by any means, but with recent events, I just don't see 100 in my horizon. I took a test a few years ago though, and I am expected to out live my hubby by 10 years or so though-keeping my eyes peeled for that boy toy for when he's gone ;0)

Heehee, anyway, I do have to apologize for recent posts. Been battling to breath for about 2 weeks or so and finally, finally the current med combo is working. So for the next 3-4 days, the side effects are something I have to deal with until it all evens out in the blood stream. I have adult onset asthma( plus something else I can't pronounce), which the Dr with all her great bedside manner, told me would the thing that kills me in the end. Only will get worse as time goes by. So there I sit in bed last night, Meredith snoring away with her clan of dogs piled on top of her-David's in CA, again, so she likes to sleep with me. Decide that before I take the next cocktail mix of drugs prescribed by the Dr, to read the fine print. That's I then realize that I have to squint, even with the help of very powerful contact lenses, to read all that damn fine print.

Does it seem like we miss a lot of the fine print in our lives. In such a hurry that we miss the important stuff. And why do they put it in such small print? I have no answer for that and not one suggestion for it either. What I read last night talked about headaches, shaking hands, being irritable, restlessness, etc. I giggled and said, but that's what I'm like normally, you mean can get worse? No, not really, but there I sit with four sets of paperwork, trying to make heads nor tails out of it all. Realized what one didn't do, the other did or even better, counteracted each other. Now that I liked! So that leaves me with a short stack of things I have to deal with until I either get used to them, they subside or I get another med on board that counteracts it!

I do find that the fine print though, does provide a great escape when we screw up. I was short with just about everyone last week, so I looked in the the fine print, and yeap, the meds can cause irritablity. Pointed it out to the hubby and said, there, told ya so. Except he said - you weren't on that one yet. Damn, I back tracked quickly and said PMS! That one always works. Or it could have been just having a week where dealing with idiots on various levels had left me with no other option but to vent to the nearest victim. Now don't tell me you don't do that on occasion too? I have spent the last few days apologizing to everyone. Confession and owning up to one's own flaws is hard, but it's the right thing to do. Many people will gladly accept an apology but figure they are above offering one when needed. Pity them, no one is with out flaws or sin, those that think that have some major demons to deal with.

So here I go. A week of living with the meds and figuring out how to work the fine print effects into my life. Bottle of excedrin on the desk, cut out the caffeine for awhile and avoid conflict with the idiots of the world. First two are good to go, it's the last one that will be the most difficult.

Later gators.....

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