Friday, May 22, 2015

Public service announcement!!!!

Boy, do people just not read things through these days??

Effective immediately, Iowa has cancelled all poultry shows at fairs(state and county), birds swaps and no birds will be allowed to be sold at exotic swaps, meets or auctions.

This is due to the Asian Avian Flu strain that has crippled the western part of Iowa as well as affecting many other states in the Mississippi flyway.

The key here the announcement:

Swaps, sales and auctions can still happen, just no BIRDS at those events.

Fairs and shows are looking at other avenues, especially for our kids that put their heart and souls into their projects.

If you ever have any questions, go to the source.  Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship---IDALS, has confirmed to me directly that you can still buy privately from an individual or purchase chicks/birds online.   Quarantines are in place in the affected counties.  Other states are not banning sales of birds from Iowa or to Iowa.

BUT..............  it is imperative for all involved in the poultry industry to practice even better biosecurity and make sure to report anything to IDALS!!!  Quarantine new birds for up to 30 days.  Keep the flock away from wild birds as best you can.  Clean boots in, dirty boots stay.  Wash, disinfect all equipment coming and going.

For that matter, we are putting a little more restrictions on those that come on to our property.  We ask that you call ahead and please, don't go wandering around.  Though we try to raise a free range flock, we do have areas that are off limits and we ask you to respect that. I still need to get those chicks out of my house!!!   Time to start hardening them off!

later gators....

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