Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I can't remember yesterday, you want an overview of 2014?

Heck, most days I can't remember what I did the day before.  This being the last day of the great year of 2014, I know I can't remember it all!

Let's see.....

January-holy cow it was COLD!  First show of the year in MN and the Muff and I traveled with several dogs to the St Paul shows. Polar Vortex my tushy.   Hell froze over!   2015-we are skipping that show and staying where it's warm, ie, at home.
A litter of winter puppies?  Again, what the hell was I thinking? Pete had 4 wonderful puppies that almost came c-section but leave it to Pete to do things in her own sweet way.

February-more cold.  And I think a dog show?  Oh yes, Des Moines take 2(well one for us as we skipped January, see puppy note above).   Betty was goofy, Kevin was sassy, and I'll leave it at that.  Muff some how came home one day with a new coonhound puppy--she's smitten.

March-chicks, Hill's Barn Yard days, I think one day of a dog show and winter clean up!  Snow melted, heat returned to Iowa.

April-Travel to the national for a week and had a blast with friends.  Mal finished his beginner novice, passed his CGC and of course, made everyone fall in love with him.  Kevin passed his CGC, Eddie got two of his BN legs and the yell of "dum dum come" could be heard across the event center.  Totally embarrassed on my birthday as well as the start of dog obedience for 4-H. And more warmth!

May-Mal finished his grand with a nice BOB win.  Then we again, just hung out at home and watched puppies grow up.

June-omg, now that month I totally remember!  Dog classes, horse clinics, no baby clydesdale, fair fun and the STORM.  Lost power, flooded basement, minimal property damage, helping neighbors and wishing for a much quieter July.

July-which was by all accounts, quiet.  Time to reflect, sit back by the bonfire with friends.  Oh Muff finally made it through Driver's Ed and now to wait till October when she can get her real license.

August-dog show, THE dog show, state fair, back to school.

September-THE dog show ended.  And....I can't remember what else happened in September?

October-THE horse show, bringing the lovely Carnivorous Lady Bug home and I even pulled out the halloween decorations this year!

November-hum, simply getting ready for winter.  Playing with Lady Bug(who we are all in love with, including David)

December-we lost Lace to the Rainbow Bridge, one cold snap, one dog show where Moose and Mal both got their new rally titles-RA and RN.  Rutro aka Monroe, got one point but at least she kept her feet on the floor and had a smidge of focus.  Great Christmas with family and friends.  Oh and Muff...still hasn't gotten her license.

I know there's a lot more from 2014, I just can't remember it all.  I think it's simply because we do so much, and enjoy it in the moment that it is.

To everyone out there---enjoy what 2014 gave you and be thankful for what 2015 has to offer!

Later gators.....

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Liz said...

It's nice to see you blogging again! I look back on 2014 and it seems like years and years ago. What a whirlwind with the Duff!